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Yoshitha Rajapakse dispatched expensive vehicle engines illegally from Singapore to SL !



This news is only for the information of the Sri Lankans and  not to be encouraged to follow the illicit routes and rackets of the Rajapakses – no , not for all the world !

Misusing Diplomatic powers , the ex president’s son Yoshitha Rajapakse had got down motor spares from Singapore via Sri Lankan airlines enlisting the members of the Sri Lankan forces, our Singapore correspondent reports .

In order to facilitate his illicit smuggling business , Yoshitha  had secured the assistance of a retired staff sergeant of the forces , namely Ruwan Fernando who was attached to the Singapore office of the SL High commission there . Moreover , Fernando has been drawing salary from the High commission as well as the pension  from the forces , though it is absolutely illegal to collect salaries   from two government Institutions at the same time. 

Fernando who did no work at the High commission has been fully occupied with dispatching the motor spares of Yoshitha from Singapore to SL. This culprit Fernando had also been discharging  the private duties of Yoshitha while being attached to the  SL High commission in UK even when Yoshitha was in London .

Among the motor spares dispatched were also  very expensive vehicle  engines. Mind you all these goods have been sent to SL without abiding by any rules and regulations governing import –export , and sans any documents. They have been sent via Sri Lankan Airlines directly  to Colombo taking advantage of diplomatic privileges . Even the air fare had not been paid! The Singapore government had been given the impression that these are goods dispatched to the SL defense ministry .

It is Major Ruwan Ellepola and Major Ratnayake of the defense ministry security division who have been receiving these spares in Colombo on behalf of Yoshitha .

This fraud was first exposed in the report of Weliamuna commission that was appointed to probe into the corruption in Sri Lankan airlines .




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