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Govt to investigate into reports on Sri Lankans Swiss Accounts




The government would investigate into reports on Swiss accounts of Lankans with the assistance of Parliament, Prime Minister and the President and would inform Parliament of the results, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake told parliament recently.


The minister was responding to a question raised by Democratic Left Front Leader Vasudeva Nanayakkara as to whether the government would investigate into reports regarding 92 Sri Lankan clients holding 129 accounts with a total value of 85 million of Swiss Franc.

Making a special statement in Parliament MP Nanayakkara said that there were media reports recently to the effect that among those 92 Lankans holding secret accounts in Swiss banks were politicians, businessmen, actresses and models.

According to the reports, the Swiss bank authorities have expressed willingness to share information if the government makes a request through proper channels. India had done so and the Swiss banks had provided them with all information so that Indians could know the details of those who had deposited money with Swiss banks. Sri Lanka, too, should do the same. The country could also know the amounts and find out how they had earned the money, the MP further added.


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