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Never will bestial Rajapakses reform – Shiranthee relies on bili pooja (sacrifice of life ritual ) to avert retribution



The most moronic and demonic Rajapakse family which ruled the country most brutally and unlawfully ,who by now with the recent exposures after  the defeat of Mahinda Rajapakse at the recent elections ,has become a synonym for corruption and power craze is once again seeking satanic sacrifice rituals (bili pooja) to rescue themselves - not enough! plunging  the country for the last nine long years in a  total darkness while believing in   mythical , superstitious, unscientific and foolish  adventures like fly by night lovers at the expense of most precious national interests and country’s economy, according to reports reaching Lanka e news.

Of course , any person has the right to conduct himself/herself in whatever way , even to behave like a bullock tied to a cart. But that does not mean a family that killed humans like killing fowls and goats , and caused ruthless abductions be allowed to commit those crimes again on humans let alone  fowls and goat. This is precisely why Lanka e news decided to publish  this report .

The Rajapakse  family who practiced all the cardinal sins on earth while they were in power have pretended that those scams , swindles, ,corruption and  murders  were committed by accident . Under that pretense ,Shiranthee Rajapakse had visited Munneswaram Kovil , and stayed the whole of 6 th and 7 th to conduct chanting ceremonies  to rescue herself and family  from the inescapable retribution that has struck them with all the vengeance, and to change their direction from the road  to perdition they are inexorably heading. The name of the temple prelate who is conducting this pooja (religious offering) is Mahendran swamy. On the 13 th ,the last day of these ceremonies , a huge sacrifice is to be made, and all arrangements have been made towards this.

A A spokesman told Lanka e news over a hearty laugh that the poor innocent animals are earnestly awaiting the arrival of Mervyn Silva and his team  to save them , since it was Mervyn Silva who some time ago staged furious protests to ban animal sacrifices.

At the same time Shiranthee noticing her husband Mahinda Rajapakse  using a mega phone after the conclusion of the elections on the 8th ,and relating bogus tales moving from place to place to win the sympathy of others , had harbored the fear that her husband is now unhinged . She therefore in her desperation during the last several days had been cutting husband’s lime fruits well and thoroughly  at Carlton house to perform religious rituals . 

According to our inside information division  reports , in order that the bera (drum) sound of the seth shanthi  drummers won’t be  heard outside the hall  , the air conditioner in the hall was turned to the maximum speed . In any case the neighbors who heard the sounds  softly though, in the dead of night said , nobody was permitted to enter the residence of Rajapakse during that period. It wont be out of place if we recall that Mahinda Rajapkse in keeping with his foolish obsession with black magic and charms had always depended on mythical and stupid supernatural phenomena ( which in fact finally led him to his doom) . Some time ago he was seen carrying a charmed ball in each hand and squeezing them fondly in  public unabashed. After losing the  elections however , he had not only thrown away  those balls he fondled so lovingly earlier on , but even berated those who gave him in the choicest filthy  language – the only language he knows best.

Namal Rajapakse too the synthetic lawyer who is as idiotic as his father following in latter’s footsteps , carried  charmed balls , but now , his balls too have disappeared . Unlike his father , being unmarried he  is rather shy about it , it is reported.

At all events , it is the determined  stance  of Lanka e news  that Shiranthee’s efforts and hopes to sacrifice a living animal on the 13 th, via that ritual to conceal her  sale of one ton gold illicitly ,should be halted .

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