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ASP Liyanage ‘s story that he is gifting his Rajagiriya house to Mahinda Rajapakse is an absolute lie - sold for Rs. 450 million 


A .S. P. Liyanage  a former  tuition  master, notorious multi million rupee fraudster and jail bird, and therefore as almost always is the case ,  a close crony of Mahinda Rajapakse , who created a big din that a house at Rajagiriya supposedly belonging to him is to be donated free to the defeated  brutal beleaguered ex president Mahinda Rajapakse ,  is a lie , and has in fact sold it to the equally mendacious deceitful Mahinda for a sum of Rs. 450 million ,based on unofficial reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. The testimony for this is the advertisement in a website of  a property sales center , namely Lanka property website

that a house at Rajagiriya is on sale for Rs. 450 million .

Liyanage was  a property developer too engaged in selling lands after dividing them into plots is. He was also  most infamously famous as an individual who has no qualms about  grabbing even  another’s  meal forcibly if he can. He was in jail at one time over a multi million financial fraud , and was released from prison only  after he agreed to repay the monies he had deceitfully collected.

Subsequently , the bestial Mahinda Rajapakse of the ‘Sakvithi ‘caliber  joined hands with Liyanage  who showed extra skills in deceitful activities ,like birds of a feather flocking  together. Liyanage was  sent as Sri Lanka (SL)  Ambassador  to Nigeria under his regime. Nigeria is infamously famouse for money laundering activities internationally  

Now this Liyanage has created a media publicity circus that he is going to give his house which can easily fetch a monthly rent of Rs. 400,000.00 free to his bosom criminal partner , Mahinda Rajapakse. Previously , Tiran Alles and his family were on rent in that house using it for their family business. In a country where the media coolies stoop to do any sordid biddings for filthy lucre , Liyanage  the crooked crafty  fox  is projected and exhibited as a peacock by these media coolies.

It is a common practice when a house is given on rent or lease the furniture and fittings in it are not changed , but because Mahinda Rajapakse is going to occupy this house, the furniture and fittings too are being replaced. By this what is being borne out  is , this is not just a donation , and  it has been purchased by Mahinda after making payment. It is in order to avoid the taxes and levies that ought to  be paid to the government if it is a sale , this publicity is being that it is a gift to Mahinda  in order to camouflage the truth

Mahinda Rajapakse who following astrological calculations  held snap presidential elections two years ahead of schedule  even when he could have waited for the due time  , and precipitated his own debacle – losing elections humiliatingly , apparently is still reposing faith in his  astrologers and black magic experts. Mahinda who is about to move  into the house at Rajagiriya which has a beautiful swimming pool , has ordered that this pool be  filled with sand and closed up which further bears  testimony to his maniacal superstitious obsessions.  

Horoscope experts of his had told him that swimming pool constitutes  a jinx for Rajapakses , and the front door of the house too be replaced. Accordingly , the door has been transformed into a window , and the entrance to the house too is being  shifted. The entrance door is being shifted to the side .

A .S .P. Liyanage revealed to the media that this house was designed by the world famous architect Jeffrey Bawa . If the latter has truly designed this house and was living still he would have committed suicide over the awkward modifications that are  being made to the original design of the house based on the stupid advice of astrologers and  black magic experts of demented Rajapakses. In any event  , a number of students of Bawa who are now senior architects asserted , when speaking to Lanka e news that if Bawa had truly designed that house , they certainly would have known it. Besides ,the house does not have any features which bear   the stamp of quality of Bawa’s expertise, they pointed out.



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