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Kicked and Beaten Brutally by Sri Lankan Police even within hospital 


A 55 years old  father of two children  assaulted most ruthlessly by the Ingiriya police was admitted to hospital with a broken spine  . After admission he was not treated by the hospital and  while within the ward of the Horana hospital he was again assaulted by the police before he was  discharged after two days without treatment .This ruthless assault was launched on the  father of two children by the police on 2017-03-10 .


Following the attack because   he requested kasippu ,Nimal  the victim was taken to Ingiriya police and assaulted . Thereafter  on a frame up he was asked to appear in court on the 25th of march while releasing him on police bail. However , Nimal had gone to Ingiriya hospital  and requested  treatment after disclosing he was  assaulted by the police. During the two days he was in hospital , since he was not given any medical treatment , the victim had got himself discharged and sought treatment from Horana base hospital.


While he was at Horana hospital ward one  , the police had again attacked him. An Ingiriya policeman had appeared at  ward one , and  assaulted him while questioning ,  ‘ are you  trying to file action against the Police ? ’. After the criminal assault , the cop has  met the doctor of the ward at that time , and has had a friendly chat . 


The inhuman doctors of ward one have taken steps to discharge and send the victim home on the following day without medically treating him , or producing him before the judicial medical officer.  They have not even given the victim the diagnosis ticket .
Nimal who was in acute unbearablepain , has finally gone to a private dispensary at Ingiriya and asked for treatment. The doctor who examined him , has said , based on the condition of the patient , he cannot treat  him . He has therefore given him a letter requesting him to be re -admitted to Horana base hospital.

The traumatized patient was on that occasion admitted to ward 15 of Horana hospital. It is  then and only then , the victim of police brutality was given indoor treatment  for four days , produced before the judicial medical officer , and finally discharged after treatment. Based on the diagnosis ticket issued , the victim had sustained body injuries , and in addition  two bones of his  spine had been damaged.
However , since the victim was not fully cured  , and his eyes , face and legs were severely swollen because of the brutal assault of the police, he had to be hospitalized again.

The victim has made written complaints in this connection to the Human Rights Commission and IGP Poojith Jayasundara .

Going by the present odious trends and prevailing malpractices ,the trajectory following this criminal attack of the police is predictable .This letter will no doubt be forwarded to IGP, Kalutara who will then send  the letter to ASP , Ingiriya . Thereafter the IGP would make a bogus statement  or a phony report revealing  that there was no such attack or  a frame up by the police . This whole brutal incident would finally be sent underground.
 Though under the good governance such criminal cover ups  are least  expected , and there are commissions appointed , these criminal manipulations are the order of the day . The photograph  herein taken 20 days , that is on  2017-03-31 after the ruthless attack of the police clearly depicts the brutality and cruelty inflicted on the victim. 

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