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Gota before Bribery and Corruption Commission : Gota and his thieves for thieves falsify national flag



Ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse was summoned to the Bribery and corruption commission  in connection with charges of corruption  at the Mihin Lanka in 2007 when Gotabaya was its chairman. Gotabaya who appeared with his lawyers at the commission yesterday , told   through his lawyers that after garnering correct information in this regard , he would make his statement , for which he requested a subsequent date. 

After the commission agreed to give him another date to make his statement , Gotabaya  left for the Welikada prison to see his younger brother Basil  who is now in remand custody. One of the prison officials speaking to Lanka e news remarked , it is good that Gotabaya  visited the prison ahead , to get an  idea of the place earmarked for   him within the prison when  following in the footsteps of his younger brother 
Meanwhile, the idlers and hired protesting hooligan squad of the Rajapakses who have made demonstrating  on behalf of crooks and the corrupt ,their latest favorite occupation did not allow the  stupid opportunity to protest  against questioning of Gotabaya by the Bribery and corruption commission  , to slip away. These ‘thieves for thieves’ defied even the court order, and demonstrated in front of the commission.

Some of the many  chieftains of the Alibaba den of countless thieves , namely Bandula Gunawardena, Dallas Alahaperuma , S.M. Chandrasena , T.B. Ekanayake ,Udaya Gammanpila, Gamini Lokuge ,Prassanna Ranatunge and Bandula Padmakumara were also on the scene  , having come out of their den to lead the group of  ‘thieves for thieves’ 

These chieftains and thieves for thieves claimed that Gotabaya is a national hero . These empty headed ‘zeros’  did not however realize while praising their so called national hero , they were again trying to bring national  sorrow to the country by carrying a national flag that has been falsified – that is their flag did not have the colored stripes representing the minorities. They also were so stupid that they  did not know this is an offence punishable under the laws. No citizen of the country has the right to change the national flag or the national anthem. These are offences that are punishable ; excuses and defenses notwithstanding. 

The people will be ever grateful to the government of good governance if it takes urgent and strict  measures to bring these demented group of crooked scoundrels who are obstructing the legal processes , and even falsifying the national flag , before the law and punishes them , or subject them to a psychiatric evaluation ,with a view to medically treating them , at least at this belated stage .

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