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Mahinda’s monthly water bill Rs. 1.3 million ! never did so many toil so much to keep so few brutes in power for so long !!




It is not just truly incredible but incredibly true that the charges for monthly water usage  of the President’s house during the brutal ,callous and profligate  reign of President Rajapakse who kept the subjects trampled  under his  ruthless iron boots  is   a whopping Rs. 1.3 million ! according to information unearthed by the government for good governance.
During the month of November 2014 the water bill charges  was Rs. 13, 242,26.26  . In December 2014, the monthly bill was  Rs. 10,37,650.21 (rupees ten million thirty seven thousand six hundred and fifty , and cents twenty one ). In contrast , the water bill of the president’s house after the new government took over on the 8 th of January 2015, is only Rs. 45,238.30 (rupees forty five thousand two hundred and thirty eight and cents thirty only ) only for the month of January 2015. In other words the  water  bill charges  has reduced by a rupees one million approximately!

The November 2014 bill, the December 2014 bill and the January 2015 bill have been paid by Bank of Ceylon cheques 608296 Mahinda , 647120  Mahinda and 647205 Mahinda respectively .

Moreover , when the prime minister met the Sangha prelates yesterday , he revealed to them , as  the vehicles purchased by the deposed  ‘dictator’ when he was President of the country are not on record at the Presidential secretariat. They had to be searched and decided only by inquiring from vehicle importers to obtain details and to ascertain how many  of them were purchased by the Presidential secretariat.

Based on information reaching Lanka e news, to probe the frauds , corruption and malpractices that raged in the Presidential secretariat during the Rajapakse regime the entire staff of the secretariat are working day and night .One of the officers told Lanka e news that if they start work at 630 a.m. they are finishing only at 8.30 p.m.  Moreover , the new Directress General too is there at 6.30 a.m. sharp.

Even when a call is given to the secretariat at 9.00 in the night , the staff are working . Besides , the leave facilities of the staff have been temporarily cancelled for two months. An inquiries officer of the secretariat told Lanka  e news that the entire staff there are working with commitment and dedication . It is an index that people are ready to make their maximum contributions to a government of good governance unlike when the country was ruled by barbaric brutes and  beasts.


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