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Court orders Investigations into Gotabaya Mullaitivu Navy Camp




The Colombo Chief Magistrate ordered the Criminal Investigations Department to carry out investigations on a navy camp dubbed Gotabaya located in Mullaitivu and furnish a report on their findings to court.


The order was made following the magisterial inquest into the kidnapping of a group of school children in Dehiwala in the year 2008.

A petition was filed at the Court of Appeal in 2011 with regard to an alleged kidnapping of a group of school children in Dehiwala on August 17, 2008.

The magisterial inquiry pertaining to the kidnapping was directed to the Magistrate’s Court and the matter was taken up before the Chief Magistrate on Monday, March 2. The lawyer for the defence requested courts to carry out an investigation and a report be submitted to ascertain whether the missing children are being housed at the Gotabaya Navy Camp.

Western Provincial Councilor Susil Kindeplitiya said that information has come to light that the group of missing children are in the Gotabaya navy camp. And he went onto note that the parents of these children have requested their lawyer to urge court to carry out an investigation into this. He added that the court will reconvene on the 23rd of next month and a report will be presented. A mother of a missing child said that they will wait – If the navy claims that they had taken their children away, and added that they expect them to return their children as well.

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