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Geneva report on Sri Lanka war crime



The report of the commissioner of the Human rights council regarding the alleged human rights violations during the final phase of the Sri Lanka’s (SL) ethnic war has still not been made known .It is therefore being questioned by the Geneva High commission division why it is so? According to the foreign affairs ministry in Colombo, this report supposed to contain more than 200 pages has still not been received by the SL government. This report has to be received well on time in order to file  answers, foreign affairs ministry reports. 
The  website has already disclosed that this report under ref. A/HRC/30/61 is to be presented at the 30 th session of the forthcoming Human rights council (HRC) slated for 14 th September (Monday). This conference concludes on 2 nd October.It is the tradition of the council to forward the report well ahead   to the government. Speculations are therefore  rife  that the HRC has slowed down under its High commissioner Said.

This report should have been presented   five months ago , that is, in March, and that was  finalized two months ago , it is learnt.

State leaders or Ministers address the Council during the first week of  the sessions.A minister representing SL  is expected to express his views  pertaining to the report at the session. In the circumstances , because the report has still not been received , the ability for the SL government to respond during the time allocated within the first week is rendered  difficult.

The UN High commissioner is expected to officially present the report relating to SL on September 30 th, following which ,the council will hold  discussions in that regard. 

Prior to this on 17 th Thursday , the American delegation will unofficially discuss at an exhaustive  meeting, the resolution pertaining to SL to be presented at the session with the participation of the high commissioner and civil society . The US had stated this resolution is to be discussed jointly with SL government  . However if the High commissioner Said continues with his dilatory attitude keeping back  the report regarding SL , the purpose of the joint discussion  will be defeated.

In any event , already rumors are afloat , this time the HRC is toeing a soft line  towards SL.

No matter  what, it is learnt  that the investigation report of the HRC had made concrete war crime  charges against the SL government and the LTTE organization.

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