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Murders Innocent Suspects under the guise of Crime Prevention


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On 24 July, Sathasivam along with his brother and several other friends went to the Mundeniyaru Lagoon to swim. While they were in the water, they observed large numbers of STF officers with weapons approaching the area. All the boys were frightened. The officers then started shooting into the air. The boys ran away as fast as they could. Sathasivam and his brother ran along the bank of the lagoon and both fell into the water. Though several boys tried to rescue Sathasivam, the officers prevented them.


Several minutes later, the bodies of Sathasivam and his brother started floating on top of the water. The officers took both victims to the Chenkaladi Government Hospital. Sathasivam was pronounced dead on arrival. His brother, in a life-threatening situation, was admitted to the hospital for treatment, on an emergency basis.


Later, the Police issued a Communiqué saying that the SFT officers were on a raid to locate illegal sand- mining in the area. However, they did not explain why STF officers were called instead of Karadiyanaru Police Station officers and why they fired their weapons when a peaceful situation existed in the area the whole time.


No evidence of any kind was produced to prove that Sathasivam was engaged in illegal sand-mining at the time of the incident. Relatives and the villagers vehemently protested the illegal actions of the police. They demanded an independent, impartial investigation into the killing. The victim’s relatives maintain that he was extra-judicially killed by the STF officers. This is another example of a gravely faulty Policing System in Sri Lanka. It murders innocent suspects under the guise of crime prevention.

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