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Namal reveals at wedding of Wijedasa’s son !

New party to be formed sans blue color


Namal Rajapakse had revealed that Rajapakses are launching a new political party. Namal had made this announcement at the wedding reception  of the eldest  son Rakitha Rajapakse (the media secretary to the defense ministry)  of justice minister Wijedasa Rajapakse.

It was Wijedasa Rajapakse who was the president of the Bar association during the time when the Association was opposing the attempts to dismiss ex chief justice (CJ) Shiranee Bandaranaike from the post of CJ . Wijedasa  who pretended to roar like a Lion then was called to the Temple Trees by Mahinda Rajapakse the president then, and given a thorough pummeling after making poor Wijedasa a punch bag. Yet Wijedasa is  so shameless to forget that stigmatic experience and invite Namal Baba the son of Mahinda dada  for the reception.

A UNP member who was an invitee had gone for the reception in a blue dress. When he met Namal he had said, ‘ here I am in the dress with the color which is yours.’ Namal had confirmed  on the other hand ,blue is not any longer their color ,and his group is forming a new party , and its color is not blue.

Interestingly and intriguingly  at the last May day rally (May 1 st) and procession of the pro Rajapakse group , blue color was not used. The color they used was yellow.

The founder of the SLFP party was late S. W .R .D. Bandaranaike. As the policies of Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse are diametrically opposed to those of late Bandaranaike , it became  very evident those policies of  Mahinda were  foundering on the rocks when seeking to represent the SLFP party.

It is an incontrovertible fact , the Rajapakses who made robbery , corruption, nepotism and   racism  their policies and favorite occupation thereby drove  the country to the brink of irretrievable disaster . 

Hence their forming a new party is a welcome news to the people and politics of Sri Lanka  because the Sri Lankans can hereafter identify this party of crooks , corrupt and criminals easily , and therefore join other parties that  steer clear of the Rajapakse brigand, while the scoundrels and rascals who have an affinity for crimes , corruption and perfidies can join the Rajapakse brigand unhesitatingly and unerringly in order to  jointly  fatten themselves at the expense of the people and the country. Moreover this gives an opportunity for the civilized , cultured and refined Sri Lankans to easily identify the Rajapakse brigand for they can clearly draw the line between the uncouth , corrupt and criminal from the civilized, clean and cultured , and select the right party. 

In these circumstances , Lanka e news is most supportive of the action taken by the Rajapakses to form a new party. 

However we wish to conclude on a  most sorry  and repugnant   note that those of the new party who aspire to be its leaders will have their dreams fulfilled only while they are behind bars.

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