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Why Shiranthee not questioned over her murder vehicle? PSD officers involved in Thajudeen murder



 The four suspects who are members of the presidential security division (PSD) involved in the murder of Rugby player Thajudeen had been identified , the CID has  revealed, the State media reported.

Of the three PSD officers, one suspect has bolted to London and the  stories afloat that all the suspects in Thajudeen’s  murder have fled to Italy are false , the CID confirmed.

The CID informed State media, the three suspects (PSD officers ) are at the moment in Sri Lanka (SL) , and they are under the surveillance of the CID , and in the next two weeks it would be possible to  arrest them.

It is reported that an ex SL foreign Diplomatic officer had helped the suspect who fled to London , and this Diplomatic officer is one tainted with many malpractices.  Investigations have now been launched into them.

The investigations so far have revealed that at the venue where Thajudeen’s body was found , no accident had taken place.The front side of the vehicle is fully burnt while the fuel tank was more than half full .Moreover , Thajudeen ‘s body had not been in the driving seat. It had been in the adjacent front seat. Upon an inspection of the spot  where the death occurred , there had been no evidence bearing out an accident , the CID stated. 

State media had reported that the CID disclosed  ,  an investigation is under way to probe whether the Narahenpita police distorted the facts in the report it furnished .

Thajudeen’s body is being subjected to further examination , and attention is being focused on the bone damage to ascertain  that they are compatible with the information provided  to court by the CID.
Prior to this murder , PSD officers have met at their canteen and had  discussions according to information unearthed by the CID  during its investigations conducted so far  . The report of the Judicial medical officer in regard to Thajudeen murder is to be furnished to court on the 10 th, State media  further reported.

Meanwhile , even after it has come to light that the vehicle involved in  the murder of Thajudeen was one used by Shiranthee Rajapakse , why hasn’t she  been interrogated , the public are questioning with concern.

While the CID investigations have clearly revealed that the army officers are involved  in the Prageeth Ekneliyagoda murder , the people are waiting to see how Ruwan Ferdinands , Uvindu Kurukulasooriya and Saman Gamage the shameless lackeys and lickspittles of Gotabaya Rajapakse and low bred unscrupulous media coolies like how they suddenly  labeled Prageeth as a Tiger , are going to make Thajudeen a tiger when it is exposed the PSD officers are involved  in his murder .

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