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Suspects in racing car racket - threat to President’s security free: AG’s department and CCD struck by rigor mortis


 May we  recall that we reported earlier on about the racing car of the youngest demon seed of Medamulana  which was found in the house at Nivanthidya , Kesbewa on 14 th January  of a contractor supplying steel . It is our hope  that our viewers have not forgotten that story. Now , it has come to light this racing car was used for the fun and frolic of this Medamulana demon seed , and it is linked to the accident that occurred some months ago at the Kanatte roundabout. 

We are now compelled to reveal this report through our columns to point out a very dangerous and deadly side pertaining to this racing car. The registration number  in the two number plates of the car is  indicated as KE  1391 which is a fake number. This is a number of the Benz car used by the incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena. The Presidential secretariat had confirmed that this number is belonging to a vehicle used by the present president. 

This racing car of the  Nissan GTR class is valued at US dollars 165,000.00 sans customs duty , and the  price it can fetch in Sri Lanka together with duty is over Rs. 60 million ! These statistics apart , this such high value  racing car used by the youngest demon seed for his gaiety and jollity while many in the country are struggling to eke out a living and for a square meal a day , is now in the compound of Kesbewa court exposed to the elements day in and day out , and visible to any passer by. 

Though the court has requested the Attorney general’s (AG) department for advice in this regard , despite the gravity of this case ,for the last 4 months there has been no response from the   AG’s department in keeping with its characteristic lethargy .

At last an owner had come forward for this racing car which had the fake registration number of the  vehicle of the present  president of the country , the highest in the country’s hierarchy . This individual who has come forward is a popular motor spares importer . At the same time , it is Access Co. that supplied number plates to the RMV (Registration of motor vehicles department).Hence it is impossible for a fake number plate to exist without their aid , because this metal plate is not an ordinary one , and according to the number ,these plates are 100 %  similar to  those produced  by the Access Co. Moreover , it is to the RMV these number plates are provided.

The most crucial and pertinent question therefore is : how did the registration number of a vehicle of a president of the country become the number of the racing car of the Medamulana’s tiniest seed ? Is this not a very serious threat to the security of the incumbent president ? Even if the Medamulanas  gift a vehicle to their youngest seedling , isn’t gifting a registration number  plate illegal ?  Even though the love for the demon seed may be oozing at every pore of the parents , neither parent  can gift a registration number (plate) of the vehicle .

Intriguingly , so far nobody has questioned the RMV officers or from the Access Co. that is supplying registration number plates to the RMV. Not even those motor spare importers who have now come forward claiming ownership of the vehicle have been questioned.

Still worse , the AG department too has not given instructions even at this belated stage to the police or the court . Based on these facts , the reasonable and clear inference that can be drawn is , not only the AG’s department but even the Colombo crime division are still hand in glove with the Rajapakses and are functioning as  a private company controlled by them. 

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