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Gota’s white Van abduction operations and murder squads revealed



During the Rajapakse era of brutality and violence  , three groups operated together under Gotabaya Rajapakse to carry out the white Van abductions in the South, investigations have revealed  

The first group , garners information regarding the individual to be abducted ,does the spying and prepares the groundwork for the abduction. In most instances, towards this a group of favorite  spies of Gotabaya’s and a group of LTTE deserters are deployed.

The second team  carries out the abduction  proper. This is made up of two groups that arrive in the white Van. One such group is Karuna Amman’s murder squad while the other group varies from time to time. A group of the STF that is close to Gatabaya and a group selected from the security forces are in the other group .

For instance , the Red Cross members were abducted at the Fort, Colombo , by the murder squad of Karuna Amman , but the abduction of Prageeth Ekneliyagoda was carried out by Gotabaya’s group from the forces.

The third group is most deadly  and weird. This group after the abduction is committed ,is engaged in wiping out and destroying  whatever evidence that remains. They are Gotabaya’s spies , and they pretend that they are from the neighborhood when they arrive at  the  scene .

This group that monitors the abducted individual , expunge all evidence of the abduction that are left by the abductors accidentally or otherwise .This group while   pretending as police officers or civilians leave no trace of evidence linked to the abduction . They ensure all such evidence is destroyed. 

The murder of the individual who is abducted and then destroying the body of his is carried out by the second group that does the abduction.

Where the STF was deployed for the abduction and murder ,the bodies have been disposed of by setting fire to those bodies in jungles far away from Colombo.The body and head of those abducted by the Karuna Amman group had been cut  open , and drowned in the sea , it has come to light.

Gotabaya has also created a separate team to  coach the army and police media spokespersons  how to give answers to the media when questioned on the abductions after they are committed.That team comprises  high ranking officers of the army . 

 Copious information have surfaced following the investigations into the white Van abductions and murders in the South, according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside informaton division. It is learnt that a very close pal of Gotabaya is also  to be arrested shortly.

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