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Army and paramilitary officers being arrested but police who facilitated them are scot free in Rajapakse planned murders


Following the investigations conducted by the CID into the murders committed during  the brutal corrupt Rajapakse reign, the members of the army, Karuna Amman, Pillayan and their para military groups who were responsible have been traced, yet the high ranking police officers of the regime who aided and abetted in these crimes have not been tracked down. Hence ,suspicions are being harbored whether there is a calculated  move to conceal their involvements.

Examples are : murder of Prageeth Ekneliyagoda following  abduction ; and  murders of Thajudeen , Pararajasingham , Raviraj and editor Lasantha.

Although investigations are under way into the aforementioned murders, and members of the army,  para military, and politicos who maintained paramilitary groups are arrested, the police higher ups who also  provided the assistance towards these murders, at the opportune moments, and at the appropriate points are not being probed.

In the Thajudeen murder, firstly the police officers who claimed that the death was due to an accident and was not a murder , and neglected investigations ought to be interrogated. The ex DIG Anura Senanayake who instructed to call it an accident and not  murder is absolutely free as a bird with no investigation launched against him despite his high handed conduct and neglect of duty , which in fact is tantamount to aiding and abetting in the crime.

In the murders of Pararajasingham and Raviraj , though these took place within the high security zone, and at a barrier  where there was  no possibility for the assassins to escape, yet they were allowed to escape. Neither the police officers at the security barrier nor the police higher up who instructed them to look the other way have been found fault with or an accusing finger pointed at them. 

Even in Ekneliyagoda abduction and murder it was a repetition. The day following the abduction of Ekneliyagoda , the editor of Lanka e news at about 1.00 p.m. informed the police that the phone call of the abductor is recorded  at the Girithale satellite tower . The very evening in the statement made to the police too that was mentioned. Yet , the police taking no action in regard to such a grave crime , is evidence that this was carried out with the knowledge of a high rung  police team. However in the investigations under way today focus is not made on this neglect of duty of the police , and no probe has been launched in this direction. In the Lasantha murder in broad daylight , if the murderers are to escape unhindered  from the security zone , surely that would not have been  possible without police support. The police higher up in charge of that zone has still not been questioned. Hereunder is the evidence that bears out that police aided in this crime….

After Lasantha published a report on the MIG deal incriminating Gotabaya , the latter gave unlawful instructions to Sisira Mendis , the CID director at that time to arrest Lasantha.

When Mendis responded by saying there is no legal basis to carry out Gota’s order , Mendis was transferred out to Vavuniya. Mendis who was responsible via his  police efforts to  make  the court to pass a sentence of 100 years in jail for Prabhakaran , was transferred to Vavuniya in order that he shall be killed by the LTTE which bore  a grudge against Mendis. 

Meanwhile , Lasantha was murdered within the next few weeks.

Instructions to the CID were given to investigate Lasantha’s murder , only after Mendis was dismissed from the Director CID post. Going by  all these manipulations , it is crystal clear the police planned it and were directly involved in the murder at the behest of Rajapakses. ( Lasantha’s murder was a cold calculated Rajapakse killing and a turning point. It is after that the media and media Institutions became alert and alive to the dangers they were facing) 

During the brutal murderous Rajapakse era , it were the henchmen of the Rajapakses in the army or the murder squads  of Karuna and Pillayan who carried out these murders. However , it were  the police officers , the  stooges of the Rajapakses who facilitated these ruthless murders.. Moreover destroying whatever evidence available that could  prove those crimes were also part of their tasks.

Today , since the investigations are being conducted by the police , the suspects who are of the forces and  paramilitary forces, are being arrested , while the pro MaRa  police officers who hatched the  conspiracies and actual criminal operations from behind the scenes are scot  free . Hence as long as they are free and out , the true masterminds -the Rajapakse murderers being hauled up before courts, and bringing them before the law will always be impeded and hindered. 

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