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No Justice In Sri Lanka


As a result of a brutal assault launched on a female    stenographer recording court notes , by Ratnapura high court judge Rohana Anura Kumara Herath , the victim had to be admitted to hospital where she had to undergo surgery.
Is this the Sri Lanka the much boasted miracle in the making or debacle in the making..?

This high court judge had flown into a demonic rage because she had recorded a statement of the judge incorrectly . The judge had attacked the victim with a heavy law book  causing serious injuries to her throat (trachea) necessitating immediate surgical intervention at the Ratnapura hospital.

This attack launched during the duty hours  is a grave crime which makes it imperative that the judge is immediately taken into custody , but so far , not even a complaint has been recorded. At the time the victim was admitted to the hospital , the hospital police had not taken any action to  arrest the assailant (judge) . Neither had any law enforcement action taken place despite the fact the judge should be immediately arrested. 

The officials of the trade organization  of the court stenographers and the Judicial service commission are  moving heaven and earth to suppress this incident , and rescue the brute of a criminal judge rather than enforce the laws and mete out justice duly on behalf of the victim ,  based on reports reaching Lanka e news . 


Whither justice in Sri Lanka the debacle in the making ?




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