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Rajapakse money launderers



Lanka e news is constrained to publish a very unsavory report that though it is the pro  good governance masses that made sacrifices including life risking dangers to elect Miathripala Sirisena  as the president, it is becoming increasingly evident  the president after being installed in that post is preferring the condom treatment towards the good governance masses  while kissing and hugging the Rajapakse criminals engaged in money laundering activities.

This was well and truly borne testimony to , when Thusitha Haloluwa , a Director in the board of Mobitel Co. of which Maithripala ‘s younger brother is the chairman was dismissed from the post , and Heshan De Silva , a money launderer for Rajapakses was appointed in his place .

The commitment shown by Thusitha to re build the SLFP party , and thereby propelling Maithripala to the post of president is well and widely known. Therefore,  some facts about  Heshan De Silva merit highlighting 

Heshan De Silva mentioned hereinbefore is only 25 years old , but  parades as though he is a billionaire. He claims that he has invested US dollars 2  billion in Kenya mainly, and other Easten African countries using  some of his wealth .Once he said , he has  invested in 17000 businesses in Kenya. Another time he said he has  invested money  in 25000 businesses, and that most of those businesses , about 70 % are successful. However , those in the business world are of the view that investors in eastern African countries do not enjoy such success.

It is worthy of note that even countries like China have invested only US $ 474 million in Kenyain 2013 , whereas our potty braggart  brags that he has invested US $ 2000 million , that is 2 billion dollars   in Kenya ! Another empty boast  of his supported by his own stinking flatulence like that experienced when one is on an empty stomach is , an American national has invested monies with him , whose name he says  he cannot disclose.

While Heshan De Silva is full of flatulence sans substance , his own past record  places him in the worst possible light. While he was in  a College in America he disrupted his studies midway because of his addiction to drugs. He was saved when he tried to commit suicide . After he was saved , he was placed in a drug addicts home for long term treatment .Today he is supposed to have become  a billionaire on the US $ 200.00 given him by his father for his food , which he has saved.

Heshan ‘braggart’ claims his  first business was providing insurance cover to bus tickets .This bloke who could not pass his own examination says , he earned by writing theses to other students. That task , if he has truly accomplished is itself unlawful and a punishable offence. 

Thereafter he has suddenly become a dollar  billionaire , and visited Kenya to invest, he claims, but those who know Heshan well know he  has only one talent , that is profusely lying in English. Anyone who wants to have only a hearty laugh will enjoy watching  his interview on the ‘You Tube.’ It is so hilarious because of its stupidity. All  who know him know only one thing about him – he is the money launderer out and out for the Rajapakses. 

There is a  hidden side to  this drama of appointing this scoundrel to the Mobitel as a Director .It were Thusitha Haloluwa and a majority of Directors who played a major role to oust Wegapitiya, the Laugfs owner , a most corrupt Director of Mobitel from the Director board  during the period of the Rajapakse era and thereafter . He is now under investigation by the FCID. Unbelievably this corrupt crook was re appointed as SLT Director recently.

Thusitha Haloluwa who opposed the corrupt activities , was dismissed from the Mobitel board of Directors , and was replaced by Heshan De Silva who was a manager under Wegapitiya. Why did a so called dollar billionaire in Kenya cum rupee billionaire in Sri Lanka become a manager merits a separate probe. 

No matter what , when Wegapitiya was removed from the Director post , Sirisenas immediately appointed the manager in that  place thereby proving beyond doubt why most corrupt Wegapitiya is most important to Sirisenas. Reasons are obvious. Surely it cannot be for any other reason than to carry out the corrupt activities in league with the corrupt. 

It is an incontrovertible fact that the country was headed for an inexorable  holocaust under the Rajapakses , and the people who discerned this most clearly made sure that they are thrown out lock , stock and barrel . It is on this account the people toiled hard to fetch  Maithripala Sirisena all the way from Polonnaruwa to be installed on the presidential throne , and not for the president   or his siblings to repeat what Maithripala ‘s  predecessor did.

It is paramount that the people realize how dangerous and deadly is the present  path taken by Maithripala and his younger brother who were fetched all the way from Polonnaruwa.  Individuals like Harin who should understand better the portentous trend more than others must act now or never , If he cannot think intelligently and act as a man with a backbone without kowtowing , he is only clearly demonstrating he is not worth his salt 

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