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Gota’s hidden house and truths exposed 


What a kind of Defense Minister is this? Minority lost life and properties they were killed looted, burned by Mahinda Rajapaksha and He's family members


On the 15 th evening at a secret house belonging to Sri Lanka’s ex criminal defense secretary located at the end of 4 th lane , Pengiriwatte road , Embuldeniya murky and suspicious activities including transport of goods have taken place.

Gotabaya has to hand over the official residence he is now in ,hence it is learnt that Gotabaya is supposedly transporting the household goods to this house which is in the name of his mother in law (wife’s mother) where he will be living in the future..It is noteworthy ,Gotabaya is moving into this house with the permission of the new government.

In any case , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , this house was forcibly acquired by Gotabaya earlier from its true owner . This house previously was a retail sales store of an owner of a popular garments shop in the capital city. It has been taken through extortion by Gota and written in his mother in law’s name.

It is to be separately investigated on the one hand how such a luxury house was purchased out of the salary of a secretary of a government ministry, or on the other how a mother in law of his who has no job or business purchase this mansion.

Ranjan Ramanayake M.P. who visited this place to probe into this , after uncovering copious information , addressed the media at that venue. He stated , Gotabaya is now an ordinary civilian , and he cannot therefore enlist any of the forces for his security or to use them to work for him. That is he is entitled only to security of the police ,if any is needed. Hence using the army to do his work is illegal.

Ramanayake profusely thanked the public who responded to our (LeN) urgent requests to extend support to Ramanayake at the venue . Similar response is anticipated in the future too from the public , he added.

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