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Copious cogent evidence to arrest Gota , Basil , Shiranthi , Karannagoda and Tsunami fraudsters but AG’s department inert , why ?




It is none other than the Attorney General and  his department that are impeding the meting out of punishment to the crooks and culprits involved in corruption ,and therefore militating against the implementation of the policies of the government of good governance , charged  the chiefs of the CID conducting investigations .

Based on the investigations conducted into the alleged  corruption , frauds , murders etc . committed by  Gotabaya Rajapakse , Ms. Shiranthi Rajapakse , Basil Rajapakse , Vasantha Karannagoda and Tsunami fund fraudsters  , although there are copious and cogent evidence to arrest them ,  but because the files sent to AG’s  department    for their  advice to arrest them are being put in cold storage and are languishing there , the arrests are obstructed ,the CID officers who are toiling and conducting these investigations revealed in utter  disgust , to Lanka e news.

It is significant to note that based on the investigations conducted into the illicit weapon deals and the conspiracy against the State , there are ample concrete evidence to arrest Gotabaya , and a report had already been sent to the AG’s department seeking instructions ,however  owing to delays there , arrests are inordinately delayed , and the CID having no other option  are awaiting the AG’s department response- it is a cruel irony when  the  AG’s department should be taking initiatives is on the contrary delaying its action.

The CID had sent the relevant files to the AG’s department requesting for  instructions  to make the arrests pertaining to the  charges already filed of misappropriation of State funds during the elections by Basil Rajapakse  ; misappropriation of funds by  Shiranthi Rajapakse through an account for women under the name of Sirilya after furnishing bogus information ; white van murder squad operated by Karannagoda the ex naval chief; the misappropriation of Tsunami relief funds collected ostensibly to build houses for Tsunami victims by the chairman of RADA establishment without building a single house. Yet because of the dilatory and lethargic attitude of  the AG’s department , the CID is compelled to wait unendingly to take action . Tragically ,the present AG’s department which has become offensively comical is still asleep.

Meanwhile the people are furiously and unrelentingly questioning ,’did you apprehend the culprits ?’ from the government of good governance . The criminals and their accomplices are on the other hand scot free .  

It is well to recall during the Rajapakse brutal barbaric reign , the AG’s department was under Mahinda Rajapakse, during which period  criminals facing charges were freed after exonerating them of all charges.  Rapists who committed rape on young girls  were also freed similarly, and the AG’s department was abounding with the Rajapakse unscrupulous  stooges and bootlicking henchmen. However , the new government brought the AG’s department that was formerly under the president within  the purview of the justice ministry duly . Yet sadly , the ex Rajapakse regime lackeys and lickspittles are still stuck  in their places like the Rajapakse  spittoons and fixtures  serving the sordid biddings of  Rajapakses.

It was Field marshal Sarath Fonseka who forthrightly and publicly  accused the AG and his  department who are  Rajapakse shameless stooges .He directly accused the AG that the latter and his department flagrantly acted against Fonseka  in violation of the laws in his  case pertaining to the denial of his MP post . Nevertheless, the AG Yuvanjana Wasundara Wijetileke had still not given an answer nor remedied the situation.
No matter what ,  the government of good governance cannot blink the fact that  the people who elected it are most earnestly and anxiously  awaiting until these criminals ,  crooks and their cronies are flushed out from their  nooks and crannies like mice for gassing once and for all , and meted out the maximum punishment so that the others will be well and truly a deterred and daunted from following in the footsteps of these traitorous scoundrels who while parading as paragons of virtue have been committing  the worst of treason against the country after making the poor docile gullible Sri Lankan masses the scapegoats  for  their  monumental corruption and frauds.

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