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Even as Maithri continues with his double deals and double speak Mahinda signs his nominations (death warrant of the nation)


 As president Maithripala who created a new   ignominious record as the worst betrayer ever in the history of the world beating even that of Judas , continued to brazenly exposing his political opportunism to the detriment of the people , ex president Medamulana Percy Mahendra Rajapakse who is a byword for  monumental  corruption ,brutality and treachery last noon signed his nominations paper as candidate for Kurunegala district.

At the auspicious time 2.38 p.m. Mahinda signed the nomination papers as revealed by ex minister C.B. Ratnayake to Lanka e News.

Meanwhile ,when Maithripala Sirisena met with the Civil Organization leaders yesterday at 8.30 in the night , he had to descend to the lowliest of levels of double deals and double crossing   owing to his own  most disgraceful monumental betrayal he indulged in slitting the throats of all those who toiled to make him the president , let alone the entire nation. Speaking   with a forked  tongue he  tried to conceal the information that Mahinda signed the nominations. Maithri who is characterised by the overriding trait in him of profuse lying ( which despicable trait is by now universally known) told the anti Rajapakse crowd another lie this noon that Mahinda and Namal are contesting from Hambantota.

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