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More about mother fucker Yoshitha Rajapaksha and Navy..!


These facts will shed more light into Yoshitha issue. Enlistment of Yoshitha Rajapakse into the Navy was totally an endeavour of Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda. Because from the junior period Wasantha had hopes of becoming the Commander and reach 

higher. He always wanted to supercede General Sarath Fonseka atany cost. So he was involved in all shameless things to achieve that target even pawning the whole Navy to the Kings, Wsasantha was the officer responsible for shameless politisization of the Navy. During his time the Naval Officers Sailors became servents of the Kings family. He totally renovated Madamulana Walawwa on Navy's funds just before the arms giving of former President's father. You will not believe that even the Naval and Maritime Academy, Trincomalee was given a total facelift to facilitate Yoshitha's training. Even handpicked instructors were appointed. Then Commandant was the present Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Ravi Wijegunaratne. He was instrumental in bringing Yoshitha up always.  However Yoshitha was never the best Cadet, even though he was privileged to be trained at the prestigious Dartmoth Academy, England. There even he never achieved. After becoming an Officer, the whole navy was under him. He was appointed with an Officer even senior to him to take care of his personal matters. When he was in a base the Commander of the Navy was so careful to send away the Officers on appointment whom he thinks not compatible with Yoshita. When there was a cocktail party the other officers could not reach him as all Flag Rank Officers were around him until the end of the party. You will never believe that there was a time that Admirals and Commodores gone down to a so shameful state that they used to quote Lieutenant Yoshitha, when they was

presenting  a novel proposal as the particular proposal is originally a creation of Lieutenant YK Rajapakse even at the highest Board of Management meeting. He was provided everything, where a typical would have never got even in dreams. He used a BMW vehicle to travel, where as Officers  senior to him used to run along the Malwatta Road to the Railway Station. He was given an Air Conditioned room in Colombo Harbour camp, even when Very Senior Officers were sharing rooms. He never had a sufficient sea period even he shamefully wear the insignia.He went home when other officers were on Duty roster. 

Admiral Tisara Samarasinghe was a fan of Royal family. So what ever a virus form the royal family he used to religiously tolerate as allow what ever things to happen. To diminish the shame of UK training then Yoshita was given a special forces and flying training at the expense of Navy’s  training vote, where other officers’ were penalized with professional training due to lack of funds. There were times that Officers after a sea voyage were forced to sail back during their free time as Namal wanted to practice firing with his friends onboard a fast attack craft. Admiral DWAS Dissanayake  built a nice party point adjoining a small lake with Welisara Camp for Yoshitha and his Rugby sportsmen to have parties. Rear Admiral Dushantha Amaranayake was instrumental provide all facilities including Sauna, Jaccuci and stainless steel Gym for all these people. During his time Rugby was the only game it had to be survived. Just find out the unit cost of sport kit these people were provided with. The innocent boys at Welisara Camp were immensely harassed. After a rugby match if the first lady said the cheering for her sons were not enough it was the end of poor sailors. When there was a Rugby match else where the Commanding Officers were given the task to dispatch cheering parities of strength 500 with all food on base account. These poor sailors never liked this game had to leave early morning in congested busses and had to be wait at the ground for hours even after the match was over. Present Commander Jayantha Perera also tolerated him. While he was allowed to do private business all above four Commanders started form Wasantha, tried suppress other officers giving harsh punishments for petty things. Because of this state number of well trained Officers left the Navy due to disappointing state of affairs.During the last year he was appointed in the Naval Headquarters, Colombo, where he above all the senior officers. Virtually Yoshitha commanded the Navy for this whole number of years.


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