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Basil to return on March- fled in fear of Mahinda’s sons


Basil Rajapakse the former minister of economic development who fled the country following the election  of Maithripala Sirisena as the country’s president , after  contesting as a common presidential candidate , is said to return to the country on March , according to sources close to him.

It is learnt that he made a bolt not because of fear that he would be persecuted by the new government but out of fear for Mahinda Rajapakse’s sons who had threatened to kill him. After sensing that they are going to be defeated at the last elections ,they have said , ‘if by any chance we have to exit  , we would do that only after shooting down  Basil ,’ their uncle.   

It is the view of Mahinda Rajapakse and his sons that Basil plunged them deliberately into their doom and disaster. They justify their view on the fact that while there were two more years for the presidential elections , it was Basil who pushed and prodded to hold snap elections ahead . Besides , when the elections campaign was at its peak , after entering into a conflict with Namal  and Yoshitha , he went overseas leaving everybody in the lurch ,they allege.

They also charged that Basil did not even participate in a major rally, and joining hands with India he stabbed them in the back. Towards the end of the elections when it became clear Mahinda is going to lose elections , the sons of Mahinda were so furiously provoked because of these reasons.

Basil who is supposed to return next month had announced that he is not involved in frauds or embezzlements . He is prepared to face any investigation if there are any such charges . On the other hand if they do exist,  it is his secretaries who should hold themselves responsible , he added. 

Meanwhile the mother in law of Gotabaya who fled to America  is  avoiding meeting anyone (in shame), her relatives there revealed. ‘How can  I face the people now for what things we did in the past ,’ she had told when answering queries.

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