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A lawyer practising in Negombo was abducted on the night of 12 July 2017 and taken to a deserted field. There six persons, two of whom were wearing camouflaged uniforms, beat him thoroughly on his back and his head, threatening him that, “you should not be messing with us,” and “you should not try to fight with the police”. Holding a gun to his head, they threatened to shoot him.


They also took off his shirt, took two mobile telephones from his pocket, stole all the money he had in his wallet, around Rupees 30,000, and threatened to sexually abuse him, removing his trousers and underwear. When the lawyer finally retaliated and said, “I am merely doing my job as a lawyer and you better do your jobs,” they again assaulted him and then drove away.


With great difficulty, he found his way back home, where his wife called 119, following which a police jeep arrived at his house. His wife told them what happened, and he wanted the police to take his statement. The officers replied that he should go to a police station and make a complaint.


His wife took him to the Ragama hospital, where he was admitted and examined by a judicial medical officer. He tried to get the hospital police to come and record his statement, but they failed to appear. His wife went to the Ragama Police station and requested them to come and record a statement, but they also failed to do so. The lawyer was discharged from the hospital two days later. He then contacted the Ragama police several times and asked them to record his statement, but to no avail. 



Racist Bastards 


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