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Lalith, Anusha Rs. 600 million fraud


In the massive fraud of Rs. 600 million in which the main suspects are Lalith Weeratunge ,ex secretary  to the former president Mahinda Rajapakse and pro MaRa stooge Anusha Pelpita , the FCID which arranged a ‘relief package’ to these two crooked criminals who outrageously cheated on public funds , came in for heavy flak from the additional magistrate Nishantha Peiris.

Ther magistrate lamented, the FCID had arrogated to itself powers of the court , whereby it has committed contempt of court, and the attorney general who ought to rectify this has instead kept silent.

The magistrate’s salutary bold and brave attitude which also bore testimony to his integrity  , most welcome by the masses for good governance became manifest when the FCID that is stooping shamelessly to do the sordid biddings of crooks , ciminals and the corrupt like pro MaRa lickspittles and lackeys Lalith Weeratunge and Pelpita for obvious reasons , made a request to court to lift the ban on the foreign travel of these two suspects , and release their passports which were impounded earlier.   

The magistrate belonging to a rare breed of judges of unassailable integrity in present Sri Lanka, pinpointed, under the constitution and public property Act , where the suspect is charged with having committed a fraud in a sum of Rs. 25,000.00 or over ,unless there  is a special reason where  the suspect is suffering from a serious disease ,the suspects should be arrested and produced before the magistrate , and in such instances , the latter has no powers to grant bail, as the  suspects must necessarily be remanded. Instead of this  , these two suspects in this colossal fraud ,  were directly produced by the FCID  in high court and enlarged on bail, the magistrate bemoaned.

The magistrate also rightly  questioned , why were the suspects not produced before the magistrate court? This action of the FCID is tantamount to the police arrogating to itself the judicial powers and also guilty of contempt of court charges, the additional magistrate emphatically asserted. The police while making the request to  release the passports of these two suspects in this colossal fraud abusing public funds had not even produced the suspects before court , and the FCID has not even submitted any document in this connection , the magistrate Nishantha Peiris regretted. In the circumstances ,  the magistrate ordered notices to be issued on the FCID to furnish reasons to court before 5 th of November explaining how this glaring violations of the provisions of the constitution and the public property Act came by. Accordingly notices were issued on the OIC of the FCID ,Kollupitiya , DIG and Western province ASP.

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