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MaRa suffering from ASMD ailment seeks to ‘kill’ face book too before Presidential elections


Lanka e news inside information division is in receipt of reports that the Medamulana Rajapakse regime is getting ready to impose a ban on face book social media within Sri Lanka (SL) even as the date of Presidential election is announced.

The ‘Think tank’ had advised the regime, despite the government bans imposed on the news websites that are posting news against the regime , some of the websites are yet again able to blossom through the face book with greater vim and vigor .

Although the electronic and print media are by now controlled by the Rajapakse administration , it is only the internet media it had not been able to stifle. Many websites have been bought over by bribes while some others carried on ostensibly as favorable to the opposition , but were in fact belonging to the Rajapakses. Their strategy is at the crucial moments , to distort the facts and dupe the public. However there are also some websites that are against the Rajapakse regime which cannot be mended or bent by the latter , and are having a number of face book accounts.

In the circumstances, the think tank had pointed out to Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse steeped in falsehood and is therefore suffering from a phobia in the face of truth that if he is to win , he must ban the face book social chain. Prior to this , because there is a need to build up a public opinion to achieve this goal, during the recent past , whenever there was a murder, fraud or crime however committed , it was blamed on the face book and given undue publicity.

The Facebook anti social dementia of which Medamulana MaRa was ailing has now turned for the worse into ASMD (Anti Social Media Disorder). He is now creating deadly fairy tales when speaking about the Facebook. MaRa had recently at Panduwasnuwara stated ‘students are being involved in political activities, via the Facebook, according to reports.’

Medamulana MaRa’ s ASMD is so acute that he went on to urge, the political party leaders not to engage the students in political activities, and that is a serious offence, and therefore exhorted the parents of the children not to give permission to engage in such activities. MaRa loudly announced he is totally opposed to such engagements and he will not condone those who waste students time on political activities.

By indirectly instilling fear in the minds of the parents using these ploys, MaRa is readying to cunningly ban the Facebook until the Presidential election is over.

It will not be out of place if we recall at this juncture the persecution inflicted on the website and relentless vendetta that was conducted against us : Assistants were killed; they were caused to go missing; they were jailed; the website portal was set on fire; the website was banned, despite which we carried on the website from abroad; and now the Facebook is under threat of being banned. That is, the viewers are going to be obstructed and harassed too. Hence it is now the viewers must rise openly against the Rajapakse regime, or never after it is too late.

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