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Kappam Champika and Namal Baba’s ‘kudu baba’ together have cleared 48 containers of drugs


Following the arrest of Champika Karunaratne alias Kappam (extortion) Champika , the crony and close sidekick of Namal Rajapakse ( son of Alibaba - ex president  Mahinda Rajapakse) who extorted a sum of Rs. 20 million from Deshamanya Lalith Kotalawela , the CID has been able to unearth copious information pertaining to Ifran Deen, alias “Kudu Baba” another close associate of Namal baba  (son of Alibaba) 

According to Kappam Champika’s confession , during  the last five years , he has cleared 48 container  loads of Kudu Baba’s Cocaine and ecstasy drugs without any inspection being carried out on them . These containers have been released as containing goods of high value, and Kudu baba has paid Rs. 15 million to Kappam Champika to get each container released.
Why is the secretary in charge of the police still not taken into custody even after Kappam Champika ‘s confession ?

Kappam Champika has got these contraband released without inspection by saying  these are Namal’s goods .The former Customs Director Jagath Premalal Wijeweera was paid Rs. 20 million in cash and goods  as bribe from time to  time. Whether Wijeweera knew it were contraband or not , is not known. However when he was informed these are ‘Namal’s goods’, they have been released sans inspection. 

The most serious issue revolving around this crime  is , this same Wijeweera is now the secretary to the ministry of law  and order. Consequently , he has become the biggest obstacle to the CID in these on going investigations.
Based on the confession  of Kappam Champika , the secretary to the ministry of law and order should be immediately arrested, but so far nothing of that sort has happened. Might we recall , when Lanka e news earlier on inquired from Wijeweera about this racket , he said he knows no one by the name of Champika Karunaratne or Kappam Champika.
Based on Kappam Champika’s confession , Irfan Deen alias kudu baba has paid 60 % of the earning on this drug business to Namal Rajapakse, son of ‘Alibaba.‘

Assets of Kudu Baba 

Kudu baba Irfan Deen has befriended Namal baba during the 2010 presidential elections by donating 10,000 keytags with Mahinda Rajapakse’s photo.

At that time he was residing  in a small house at Wellawatte , and owned a Corolla 121 car only.But now, he is the owner of three super luxury vehicles at Wellawatte , an Audi A 6 car , Prado jeep, Toyota Allion car , and a BMW  X5 car.

The other details revealed by Kappam Champika is : Janaka Sri Warnasinghe another bosom pal of Namal  who was appointed as working Director to National lotteries board has illicitly collected Rs. 35 million of National lotteries board funds in collusion with Kappam Champika . This sum has been taken piecemeal in sums of Rs. 3 million and  4 million each  time by saying those funds were for Namal’s publicity campaign. Though such a large sum of money was illegally collected , most of it was not spent . The remaining money was divided between Namal and Kappam Champika.

In addition Kappam Champika has collected a sum of Rs. 4 million per month on a contract to print lottery  tickets .Part of that sum had been given to Namal Rajapakse.

Can you beat this !  It was kappam Champika of all people who became the most trusted crony of Namal Rajapakse and the family of Rajapakse ( ex president of SL). He was trusted so much so that he was made the intermediary to sceretly sell in Japan 40 tons of  gold collected by the Rajapakses from the north following the war , and from illicit treasure mining.

This 40 tons of gold were sold to Japuga , a company in Japan.It was Kappam Champika who was sent to Japan to conclude the transaction.(In the photograph is Kappam Champika. To identify the other two in the photograph we expect  the assistance of the readers)

On top of all these criminal activities, Kappam Champika the bosom pal of SL’s ex president’s family has two separate rape charges which have been suppressed  by the Rajapakses.

The photographs of  evidence in relation to the information furnished in the above paragraphs can be accessed by clicking hereunder  . They can be read after magnification.

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