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Yoshitha rajapaksha involved in money laundering



The four suspects including Yoshitha Rajapakse (son of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse) who were in remand custody on heinous  money laundering charges using the CSN channel were today enlarged on bail by the Colombo High court judge R.R. Heiyantuduwa .

The suspects were   released on a cash bail of Rs. 1 million and personal bail in a sum of Rs. 100,000.00, each. However a ban was imposed on their foreign travel without court permission.

Suspects Yoshitha Rajapakse , Rohan Welivita the Director General of the channel , and members of the Board of Directors, Ashan Fernando and Kavishan Dissanayake were granted bail , whereas the application for bail made by Nishantha Ranatunge was   heard in another court. 

Yoshitha was suspended from his Naval service until he is exonerated of the charges. In the event he is  found guilty  , he will be sacked from the Navy , and in addition he will never ever be able to secure a government appointment thereafter

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