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sri lankan government and forces trying to kill journalists




Editor of Meepura news website and of Meepura newspaper covering the district Negombo, Freddie Gamage was assaulted  with clubs and an attempt on his life was made june (02) by two thugs wearing helmets and jackets which hid their identity . This brutal attack was launched in  front of the Negombo Municipal Council .

Gamage who can speak several languages was a media freedom activist during the past , and with the advent of the new government, he was reporting on the corruption prevailing in the Negombo Municipal Council and the State Institutions in Negombo. Although Lanka e news posted reports that some district media correspondents are acting like mafia groups , Freddie Gamage on the other and was different, and was always espousing the cause of media freedom of the country in general , while acting in the best interests of his district as a journalist. Moreover for a long time he had carried out his tasks  with commitment , and is a social worker.

Answering queries posed by Lanka e news in regard to yesterday’s attack  ,Freddie said ,the Negombo Municipal Council is the most corrupt provincial administrative body in Sri Lanka. He was attacked when he came  out of the Council and was entering the vehicle after covering the Council’s monthly meeting.

The thugs had come from behind and attacked his head  with clubs . Fortunately he had turned around , which enabled him to somewhat  ward off the attack, yet the left side of his head had been attacked. When he had started running to save his life, the assailants have chased behind Gamage , but they had not been able to  catch up with him.. They have then fled  away on a motor bike . 

Freddie is currently receiving treatment at the Negombo hospital, A complaint has been made to the police but owing to his medical condition ,, no statement was given.

Speaking to Lanka e news , Freddie said , a fortnight ago , the deputy mayor Dayal Lansa issued a warning to him. That was because Freddie reported on his misdeeds.

Dayal Lansa is a brother of the most infamous ‘kudu Lansa’.of Negombo. Dayal Lansa represents the equally notorious Mahinda Rajapakse group , and he attended  this year’s May day rally of Mahinda at Kirilipone . 

During the last presidential elections when Dayal Lansa and kudu Lansa were actively working for Mahinda , Freddie was one among those who worked with heart and soul  in Negombo day and night for the victory of Maithripala Sirisena the common presidential candidate.

 ‘Under the last government ,they tried to kill us. Now are those same individuals who were under that government after coming into this government trying to kill  us again?’ Freddie questioned with deep concern.

Those brutes who supported the brutal thugs should immediately be brought before the law , and the government of good governance should give a prompt  answer to the most pertinent question posed by Freddie Gamage , and ensure his safety and security.

The statement made by Freddie Gamage to Lanka  e news in relation to the ruthless assault is hereunder 

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