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Lady lawyers (Army) victims of brigadier’s sexual harassment scream in pain



In any country where an  army exists  discipline in the army is paramount. If there is no discipline , an army  cannot triumph and it  cannot carry on. During a time when the army is unable to carry on, the state also as a necessary corollary cannot carry on. Hence what is crucial is discipline.It is only when the superior  officers who are appointed to maintain discipline act duly that the subordinate officers and soldiers will respect discipline.This is not something new or a novel concept.  It is a theory of the army experts who have acknowledged this fact based on many centuries’ experience . 

Following the appointment of new army commander Lieutenant General Krishantha Silva replacing the retired army commander General  Daya Ratnayake ,a number of strange and bizarre ancient Kekile court decisions have been taken in regard to  a discipline respecting army.

 One such outrageous decision of Krishantha Silva is :  Brigadier R.P Rajapathirane who was dismissed from the post of  army legal Director by even the corrupt  Daya Ratnayake ,and  this brigadier  who is facing several charges of sexual abuse committed on lady  legal officers   of the army under him , being promoted to a top position of the   army legal division  as lawyer General  and judge. 

On  2015-05-09 when a lady officer had gone on some official duty to the office of  Brigadier Rajapathirane who was then functioning as  Director  legal ,  Rajapathirane had tried to outrage her modesty , whereupon  she had furiously scolded , assaulted him , and had managed to escape. 

The brigadier who was smarting under her  assault and humiliation had been taking revenge on her by unrelentingly harassing and insulting the officer thereafter.When the victim tried to make a complaint to the military police , the military police commanding officer without recording her complaint , had sneaked on this to Rajapathirane and turned the table on the victim , making her the accused.

From then on ,the lady officer was persecuted at every turn .On 2014-06-10 , at a meeting attended  by all legal officers , the Brigadier had openly insulted and scolded her in filth before all citing  baseless grounds . At that moment the brigadier  having forgotten his bearings and  in a fit of  rage said ,’if Iam a bastard, the commander is a double bastard’ thereby vilifying the army commander then. 

A number of legal officers (females) of the army have questioned the senior legal officer  , Colonel Jayasinghe who was holding the legal  post  in the rank of  Colonel then , and who is presently  the Director legal ,what is the decision that is going to be taken pertiaining to the relentless humiliation and harassment that were inflicted on the particular victim  ;for which question , the Director legal has not given an answer .Instead he had told the victim that he can get her a  transfer wherever she desires, and not to take legal action .

The lady legal officer (victim) who was being continuously persecuted and humiliated because she did not yield to the lascivious advances of sex starved Brigadier Rajapathirane , could not bear the suffering any longer . She had then complained to ex army commander Daya Ratnayake when he returned to SL from abroad .

Subsequently when it was probed , it was discovered that this brigadier Rajapathirane had been the cause of grief to several other lady legal officers too, subjecting them to sexual harrassment .

After threatening to transfer a lady legal officer, Captain Nanayakkara to Kilinochchi , Rajapathirane had later held back the transfer after subjecting her to sexual abuse.Similarly Captain Vaijayanthi a lady officer who was attached to the Kotalawala defense academy who came to attend a lecture delivered by former army commander on 2014-07-14 at the army headquarters fell victim to Rajapathirane’s sexual abuse. 

At all events ,  these officers who fell victims are fully  aware that they will not be able to get relief from this sadistic persecution. Knowing well that if they complain , they will be subjected to further harassment , and never get any relief are preferring to suffer in silence rather than complaining .They are eating their hearts out in silent misery . 

In any case ,  the former army commander Daya Ratnayake following the complaint made by the victim , at last belatedly appointed a court to conduct a preliminary investigation , and after dismissing brigadier Rajapathirane from the Director legal post ,had transferred him to the Kotalawala defense  academy at that time.

However now , no sooner Krishantha Silva became the army commander than he took the first disastrous step of appointing Rajapathirane a bosom pal and of his same ilk belonging to his same regiment as the attorney at law  General  and judge - the highest legal position in the army , paying no heed to the on going preliminary investigation in the court  against Rajapathirane.

This appointment is absolutely in violation of the rules, regulations and traditions of the army. Rajapathirane then exploiting his superior position threatened the legal officers (male and female) who were to give evidence , and thereby somehow  got the evidence turned in   his favor in the preliminary investigation in the  court.

A  most senior legal officer at that time Lieutenant Colonel Wijedasa  of the legal division  gave evidence undeterred and undaunted by Rajapathirane’s threats and intimidation, and exposed the latter’s misdeeds including  sexual molestations, rapes and malpractices  via written complaints to the president , defense ministry  and the army commander at that time. In spite of it , it was Wijedasa who was victimized . He was sent on premature retirement before he reached 55 years , by the notorious Brigadier and the army commander.

This mafia ring operation did not stop at that , two more lady officers who boldly and  bravely gave evidence before court and expressed the truth are also facing unending persecution and humiliation -they are  Lieutenant Colonel Ferdinands and major Mendis. The groundwork is being prepared to rid these two brave officers from the army.

When senior legal officer of the army, Brigadier Weerasinghe who was in service (now retired) during the period the lady legal officer was a victim of sexual harassment  , was giving evidence  in the court inquiring into it, Rajapathirane went berserk , and tried to assault Weerasinghe while abusing him in foul language.

Major general Udawatte , the president of the court of preliminary inquiry had now handed over  the report after the conclusion of recording of evidence ,  to the army commander . What is most irksome and worrisome about this is, this report has been given by the present army commander Krishantha  to the  very culprit and accused brigadier Rajapathrane , the current attorney at law  General and judge  of the army . 

When the army is conducting investigations this deplorably, disgracefully and  most reprehensibly when the lady officers who are victims are seeking redress and who had been subject to the worst degrading sexual harassment , what a big joke and mockery  will it be if the very army is to conduct investigations into the rape and murder of victims like Isapriya during the final phase of the war .

In the circumstances , it is  a huge question mark , what criterion the president who is the commander in chief of the forces  followed when  appointing the army commander and the Air Force commander ? 


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