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Face book accounts banned within Air force



The Air force commander Gagan Bulathsinghala who is unable to treat  the itch at the wrong place of his daughter Ayendra Bulathsinghala who disgraced herself , the Air force commander (if he has any grace) and the country by leaping on  , hugging and kissing the Latin American pop singer Enrique, has instead of  treating his daughter’s sex starvation  taken measures to penalize over about 4000 of his air force soldiers/ officers . According to the distressing reports reaching Lanka e news , the Air force commander has deprived the subordinates of their fundamental rights illegally.

That is, he had forbidden all those soldiers/officers from  having face book accounts. The  Director administration of the Air force has issued an order to that effect yesterday. That directive states that the face book accounts that were maintained so far by the members of the Air force shall be closed forthwith , and new accounts cannot be opened until further notice. Previously the law that applied to the members of the forces was , not to appear in their official uniforms on their face books. 

Although the Air Force commander had stated this was a decision taken by the security council , such a directive had not been issued to the members of the other forces.

Recently , when the Latin American pop singer Enrique Iglatius held a concert in Sri Lanka , the daughter of the Air force commander Gagan Bulathsinghala darted to the stage , clung on to the singer , kissed and hugged him passionately in a fit of delirious sexual frustration . It was Lanka e news always first with the news and best with the views had the misfortune to report this news for the first time . Following this exposure a storm of controversy was stirred up across the face books and the internet.

After another woman – an  ‘itchy bitchy’ belonging to the latest breed of so called high society too disgracefully threw  her brassiere at Enrique , an infuriated president Maithripala Sirisena who was apparently maddened not saddened , began traveling  to  remote Amparai to speak about this Colombo episode making the Bra his favorite theme which compelled  the internet chain to  dub him ‘Sira the Bra.’  This incident reached such proportions that the president in a fit of insanity made utterances such as ‘lashing with the Ray fish tail’ while making insinuations insulting the disciplined society, whereby he exposed himself to ridicule and humiliation, and even became  a laughing stock. And now to further  aggravate the situation , the president as the defense minister along with  the Air force commander have banned the face book accounts among the members of the Air force, despite the fact these accounts are most popular and sought after among society , and almost indispensable.

Another Institution where the ban operates is the SLT whose chairman is Kumarasinghe Sirisena , the younger brother of the president. Because Lanka e news was exposing all the corruption and malpractices at the SLT , accessing Lanka e news website by SLT employees  had been obstructed.

It is to be noted that even under the Rajapakse corrupt lawless fascist rule , though some news websites including Lanka e news were banned , face book accounts were not. 

Earlier on too after the exposure of the robberies committed by Gagan Bulathsinghala, accessing the face book network was banned within the forces. This was reported  by Lanka e news. The high rung officers of the Air force said   the ban was temporary and it is  because the system was being updated. But now , even maintaining a face book account has been forbidden within the Air force.
Consequent upon this ban , about 4000 members of the Air force have been  denied the opportunity to maintain their links with their relatives through the face book. This action taken by the Air force commander simply because he is unable to reform his itchy bitchy sex starved daughter can constitute a violation of the fundamental rights of the members of the Air force .

It is significant to note ,President Maithripala Sirisena who is also  the commander in chief of the forces was installed in power on 8 th January 2015 , not for him to impose bans on the media but to bar the Rajapakses and free the media . Hence , forgetting this truth so soon on account of Ayendra and her sex starved madness  simply proves that the Air force commander Gagan Bulathsinghala  and the president Maithripala Sirisena are also afflicted with the same madness but much more seriously.





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