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Lalith Weeratunge ex presidential secretary let off the hook on Rs. 600 million fraud


The High court judge Ms. Sarojini Kusala Weerawardena and IGP Ilangakoon together have indulged in legally wrongful actions to allow Lalith Weeratunge the ex secretary to former president corrupt brutal Mahinda Rajapakse to escape from being taken into custody in the allleged fraudulent abuse of State funds amounting to a colossal Rs. 600 million ! belonging to the Telecom regulatory commission , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

This colossal sum of people’s monies was outrageously and unlwfully  spent on distribution of Sil robes as part of  the election campaign of Mahinda Rajapakse as though those were funds pilfered from the private coffers  and dowry collections of  Lalith and Mahinda.

A case was filed on the 18th in the Colombo high court against Lalith Weeratunge and SLT regulatory commission chief  Anusha Pelpita . Most strangely despite this colossal fraudulent transaction involving Rs. 600 million public funds , the  two suspects  were not arrested . They were let off the hook by judge Kusala Abeywardena by issuing only a notice on them requesting the suspects to be present in court on 6 th October.

This was an absolutely wrongful and unlawful action on the part of the judge. Under ordinary circumstances, truly  under the law , such suspects involved in such a massive fraud ought to be ordered to be arrested and produced before court . 

Yet , Kusala had taken the faltering and most obnoxious step of issuing just an ordinary notice on the suspects .The advice given by the Attorney general however was to arrest both the suspects .The AG on the other hand had also acted unlawfully , and averted the arrests .

It is learnt , Lalith Weeratunge the culprit had phoned the IGP on the 18 th , and told him not to arrest him , and by 21 st Monday , do something and ‘shape’ it up. Accordingly , the two suspects involved in the massive Rs. 600 million fraud who should have been arrested and produced in court , were let off the hook under the government of good governance.

In this unlawful and manipulative  climate with Kusala playing the key role in the machinations  , allowing this case to be heard by her is like seeking a judgment from the daughter of the rogue, for Kusala a pro MaRa most disdainful lackey and lickspittle addresses the culprit Lalith Weeratunge as ‘uncle’ . Besides , Kusala alias ‘Ussala’ is another individual who received  maximum benefits for her services rendered from notorious Sarath N. Silva during his heydays .During the period of the impeachment motion against Ms. Shiranee Bandaranaike , she devilishly ,  directly and openly stood by the cruel and the crooked villains.

Already , even before the case is duly heard , Kusala has told the other judges ‘my uncle has not committed any wrong. Of course he appropriated public funds , but he did not use them for his purpose. He had again re distributed among the public after purchasing the Sil clothes.’ How can such a judge who is already prejudiced in favor of the accused be made to hear the case ? Perhaps that is possible only in SL under the government of good governance 


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