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Speaker Chamal turns strip teaser to dance with devils-transgresses parliamentary laws to rescue corrupt brothers



The present dire situation in the country  has necessitated  us to issue a forewarning to  the people of Sri Lanka who show deference to laws and democracy that the speaker of parliament , Chamal Rajapakse , the eldest  of the corrupt Rajapakse villainous brothers , and holding a most responsible post which makes him answerable to the people , is acting brazenly and blatantly in violation of the laws to save his corrupt brothers from the criminal charges they are facing under the laws.

The commission investigating allegations of bribery and corruption had duly summoned ex president Mahinda Rajapakse before it on the 24 th in connection with a complaint  filed against him that the appointment of Tissa Attanayake as a minister during the run up to elections after the latter crossed over to his government is a bribe . The ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse has also been summoned before the same commission on the 22 nd.

It is a pity , when every citizen of the country should compulsorily abide by the laws ,a group of scoundrels alias parliamentary representatives this morning staged a sit in protest within parliament against laws being duly enforced in regard to  ex president and ex defense secretary who are facing most grave charges of corruption and illegal arms deals. The speaker  amidst the protests adjourned parliament until the 21 st .

Even during the night this idler  group of  moronic MPs who have nothing better to do than  aiding and abetting the corrupt criminal politicos were  continuing their protest in parliament, and when  they forwarded a letter signed by them to the speaker that the summoning of the ex president before the Bribery Commission is incorrect , the speaker responding to this letter , issued a directive to the president of the Bribery commission and its Directress  general summoning them to the parliament 

Only the president of the commission Balapatabendi met the speaker in   parliament as the Directress General is out of the Island .Following a discussion between the speaker and the president of the commission , the speaker informed the protesting MP group , he would make a declaration in this regard tomorrow.

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