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The criminal fear to Facebook


President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday warned the parents on a move by certain quarters to drag the school children into politics using social networking websites such as Facebook.


He said that the government had received information about such attempts, which was raised in the Parliament as well recently and that he had ordered the authorities to initiate an investigation into it.


Addressing a function at the Panduwasnuwara National School the President also requested the political parties in the country not to use the students for political purposes and destroy their future.


Mr Rajapaksa told the parents that the Facebook had been very popular among students and called on the parents to be watchful of the activities of their children.


He reminded the period in the past when students had been mobilised by political groups to engage in political activities which ended up in them being killed on roadsides.


Reality is Mahida Rajapaksha want to hide he’s criminal works he already hijack some websites visit blow link

now the decision is your hands?   


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