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Gotabaya’s arms sale proceeds to most feared international terrorists deposited in 58 accounts of Duminda Silva-CID reveals


Ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse who was Friday(\(\(13)  summoned  to the CID for questioning had asked for another date after going there. It is  reported   that the attention of the government has been drawn  to the illegal sale of arms to terrorist organizations internationally outrageously and with absolute impunity, sans  permission of the parliament  and overriding ministerial powers .Therefore enlisting the Interpol to assist the on going special investigations into this is being contemplated.

The necessity for the government to take this measure is based on the information garnered by the security divisions that Gotabaya using the paramilitary farces had supplied latest weapons that were  obtained from the country’s security  divisions to various  international terrorist organizations as well as to those organizations involved in sea piracy , whereby he had earned colossal sums of money  amounting to many billions!

The weapons that were imported for the Sri Lanka (SL) security forces have been sold to the Middle east , international terrorist organizations , as well as sea piracy groups . These deals have been carried on in a massive scale since 2009. The CID had also uncovered information that these proceeds have been directly with Gotabaya’s collusion deposited into  various local and international accounts of individuals .

Apart from the 20 container loads of weapons that were in the armory at Galle ,another 3 container loads of weapons sans registration duly in the records officially of the forces were discovered in the naval camp of Galle. Among them were a large quantity of heavy artillery which are of no use for civil security purposes , and are used only in a battle field. It is significant to note that in just one armory of the paramilitary  in Colombo , there was a shocking quantity of  1555  T 56 weapons and 1.4 million bullets !!

There were strangely S 84 weapons too in that lot which are used only by the police. It has come to light that the IGP had never given over these weapons used by the police to any other security forces any day. In that event how did these weapons get into the paramilitary armory of Gotabaya and on whose permission ? Since these weapons are not used in SL , it is now confirmed without any trace of doubt that these have been stored in the armory intended for international  terrorist organizations.

Following the investigations of the CID into Gotabaya’s many paramilitary groups , it has come to light  that Parliamentary approval has not been obtained in connection with all these illicit weapon transactions and the colossal sums of black monies earned from them have been deposited into about 58 separate accounts operated by former UPFA  defense monitoring M.P.  Arumadura Duminda  Silva, a close crony of Duminda. No wonder Gotabaya went hysterical when Duminda was seriously injured in the Bharatha Lakshman  shoot out incident some time ago. He did everything possible to save Duminda.

The CID has successfully delved into the details of  these transactions and   black money earnings. It has uncovered that these weapons have been supplied to the world’s most infamously famous , deadly and dangerous terrorist organizations  including  ISIS , Bokoharam, Al Qaeda after Bin Laden, Islamic Jihad, Hisbulla, Hamas, Fata Al Salam , as well as to various sea piracy organizations.

Based on the investigations ,monitors of  two paramilitary groups of Gotabaya have been identified as operating from Myanmar , Somalia, Erythrea, Sudan , Seychelles ,Mozambique , Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Togo and Jamurusiya.
Though it is rumored that Gotabaya has been provided with a security detail of 50 personnel , the fact is , he is under arrest unofficially ( can he be free even in the light of such exposures of his traitorous activities?) , highly placed sources of the security division revealed. The international  groups that were keeping a surveillance on the illicit activities with international involvement of Gotabaya have also arrived in SL .

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