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Sri lankan Police refuses to vacate from lands belonging to uprooted Tamils and muslims in Batticaloa


01/ June/2016

Colombo's police continue to be stationed in lands belonging to 42 families in Paala-munai village and a large section of Ma'ndoor-1 and 2 South GS area in Poaratheevup-pattu (Vellaa-ve'li) administrative division of Batticaloa district. The uprooted people are unable to resettle in 90% of Paalamunai village, civil sources in Batticaloa said. The area is located 40 km south of Batticaloa city near the border of Ampaa'rai district. Ma'ndoor is known for its popular Murukan temple. 

Initially, SL military and Special Task Force commandos seized the lands to put up a camp in 1991. Tamil and muslims families were uprooted from their houses and property. 

The SL police is now occupying the lands after the STF and SL military have vacated from the area. 

However, the police is refusing to vacate from the lands while Eezham Tamils uprooted from the area are still living as internally displaced people.

The uprooted people have not received any humanitarian assistance two years after their initial displacement, the sources further said. 

The SL police from Ma'ndoor, receiving instructions from Colombo, have also suppressed details on the progress of the investigations on the killing of 43-year-old Eezham Tamil Social Service Officer (SSO) Mathisayan Sachchithanantham on 26 May 2015. The killing shocked the civil and social activists in the entire Batticaloa.



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