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Conspiracy to murder Maithri : Commander Corporal with firearm sent by Rajapakses remanded 


In the abortive assassination bid made on president Maithripala Sirisena  at Angunakola Pelessa following  a Rajapakse conspiracy ,Corporal Senaka Kumara of the army 4 th regiment , a commando soldier who was involved was remanded until the 12 th by The Angunakola magistrate . 

The suspect apprehended following the investigation conducted by the CID was produced before the Angunakola pelessa magistrate yesterday (02) night when he was ordered to be remanded  by the magistrate .

Lanka e news first revealed this bid when the president attended the conference at Akunagola pelessa on 25th last month ,giving details of how a suspect armed with a weapon ominously hovered around the president at close quarters . Lanka e news again published a special report on the 29 th referring to the statement made by the defeated deflated Rajapakse three days prior to a French newspaper which clearly indicated the Rajapakses’ connection in this attempt. At that time the soldier who was used in  the conspiracy was not arrested.

According to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , the factual situation is as follows :

On the day of the incident , Namal Rajapakse has come with this suspect commando corporal , along  with  his vehicle driver and had asked from ASP Malawalage  of the PSD in the second ring ,’ ‘from where do I enter ?’. ‘Sir, I can send you through the VIP side’ Malawalage has replied, when Namal has said , ‘No, I shall go through the ordinary people’s side, ‘ and entered along with the suspect through the side where ordinary people are allowed . Malawalage has then asked from Namal’s corporal (the suspect) ‘have you any weapons on you?’ The suspect had answered ‘no, I left  the weapon in the cubby , and I have only the water bottle and tissue’ which is a deliberate and blatant lie. Malawalage having taken suspect’s word as right without searching for the pistol that was hidden under his dress had allowed them while indicating  he knows them even  before. 

Thereafter  ,Namal and his corporal ,the suspect had gained entry  , and sergeant Nissanka who was in charge of the security at that point had allowed them to enter without any security check. Then Namal and his corporal had got past the second security ring .
It is a most intriguing and shocking, how a former intelligence division officer Malawalage failed so seriously in the discharge of his most onerous  duties ,while  providing security to the highest in the hierarchy of the country ? 

A vigilant  STF soldier who was in the ring closest to the president however had noticed the security personnel accompanying  Namal having a weapon which was projecting  from under his attire .When he was frisked , a Czechoslovakian  automatic  9 m.m. weapon was found in his possession , and the suspect had  said , he is of the security detail of Namal Rajapakse. The weapon was fully loaded too. The suspect who  was apprehended by the STF was handed over to the sergeant  Nissanka (aforementioned)  of the PSD. 

Nissanka was then seen speaking to someone via the  phone. It was discovered later that Nissanka had spoken to senior DIG S.M. Wickremesinghe  in charge of the PSD .Subsequently , when the STF inquired from the PSD ‘ where is the suspect we handed over to you ?’, it was learnt that the suspect was  freed. 

It is noteworthy that no commando soldier is in fact attached to Namal’s security detail. The suspect is a soldier of the Mahinda Rajapakse security team .Interestingly and intriguingly Mahinda did not attend the Angunakola function .

Namal Rajapakse had sought the assistance of SSP Jagoda Arachi of the PSD to rescue the suspect. The SSP  had advised that before the CID officers could  summon , to go to the CID and make a statement. Accordingly, the suspect and the driver have visited the CID before being summoned and after recording a statement sought the illicit  avenue to escape liability  .

Hence , the whole episode is a clear testimony that the PSD is guilty of a serious dereliction of duty , and  there had been a grave lapse when  providing security to the president . It is well to remind that the president was to table the 19 th amendment two days later. DIG S.M. Wickremesinghe who provided the fuel for this assassination conspiracy  of the Rajapakses in order to stall the 19th amendment in its tracks , has still not been interrogated because of the partiality shown towards the DIG by the IGP, let alone a departmental disciplinary inquiry conducted for his egregious neglect of responsibilities.

Truly speaking , under normal circumstances , senior DIG Wickremesinghe should tender his resignation for this gross AND shameful neglect of duty . Instead , he had earnestly requested the media chiefs not to write about this episode.

When this DIG sought to halt this news publication by the Lanka e news through a close friend of ours  , the LeN friend  had asked him , ‘recently president contracted a severe cold , and even before he could consult a doctor , how come Mahinda Rajapakse became aware ?’ ‘Wasn’t it you who passed that information ?’. The DIG was dumbfounded and had no answer to give.

What is more important and valuable to the masses is the life of president Maithripala Sirisena . Whether this double faced double dealer of a DIG exists or holds the post of senior DIG means nothing to them  for he is after all a khaki clad vulture no matter his position . Let him therefore be advised to honorably resign rather than wait until he is booted out .

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