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Sri Lankan police unlawful brutally assaulted and tortured



While IGP Poojitha Jayasundara (police koloma – police clown ) is making loud and proud announcements and blabbering about his police service as a service that is committed to serve the public, his own police officers under his very own nose  are committing criminal offences outrageously and with impunity against the very public. This was clearly borne testimony to at the Wadduwa police station on the 1 st of August when two youths who went to the station to see their father in police custody were most brutally assaulted by the police . What ‘s more? These youths have been falsely implicated in a case . It is noteworthy that one victim  is an army soldier . 

Of course these incidents occurring  during the corrupt brutal lawless era of Rajapakses are unsurprising  , but under a government that is for good governance and for which it was elected by the people such criminalities cannot take place specially  with the police force acting as hooligans  and  leading  the criminal attack. In the circumstances these police officers deserve the  maximum and most deterrent punishment. 

The police brutality and hooliganism… 

Kavinda (army soldier) and Theekshana are own brothers who went to see their father on the 1 st of August who was in the custody of Wadduwa police . 

Kavinda has reported the incident to the IGP and Human rights Commission as follows :

I went to the Wadduwa police station at about 5.30 p.m. to see my father who I noticed was in the police cell. As I was walking towards the cell to see him  , a police officer (49556) by the name of Soysa , at once shouted at me ‘ where are you trying to go?’ and began pushing me out again and again holding me by my shirt and neck .Then ,  I went to the veranda and sat down in  a chair.

 While I was trying to take a call to my brother this officer came up to me and said , ‘you (umba) can’t sit here’ and pushed me out to the compound holding me by my neck again. I phoned and told my brother to come immediately to the police station  whereupon he replied he was just close by. 

My brother Theekshana who arrived , after speaking to police officer Soysa went towards the cell where my father was. When I was following my brother towards the cell, Soysa came up to me and asked ’where are you going’ and tried to push me while holding by my neck , when I told him ‘ I came to see my father’ and wanted him to take his hand off my neck. My brother too asked him to take his hands off me. Soysa then said , those inside cannot be seen by you , and chased us out.

Meanwhile we heard our father screaming from within the cell  , ‘don’t attack them , he is from the army’ .When we came near the gate and were about to get on the motor bike, an officer from the upper floor shouted in a loud voice, ‘army paka (fu….k)  – you are the fellows who spoilt this…. Don’t allow them to go.’ Several others who were inside also shouted similarly. Immediately thereafter , about four or five of them came close and surrounded us. Among them three or four were in uniforms. One of the officers was wearing a red tee shirt marked No.3. and a pair of trousers.

Soysa (49556) who was among them tried to hold my shirt and assault me, while saying he will not attack me before the people. He then pulled me by my shirt and took into the police station. Those who were on  the upper floor shouted ‘ bring them here to thrash them…’. Subsequently , they  took us up while screaming ‘ you rascals, you f u…..kers, don’t try to get killed by us..’

From where we were ,  Galle road was visible. There  ,  six of them surrounded us. Two of them were in civil attire. Their Nos. are 49556 (Soysa) , 1803(name unknown), 39144 (Munasinghe) , Perera SI, and two others who we were unable to identify. However if see we can identity them. These officers  began attacking us with the fists , wooden strips , a club resembling a spade, and the  butt of the T 56 rifle  . We were    taken downstairs again , held by our necks and pushed into the cell .

Soysa then told Theekshana to go home and bring my ‘leave’ . However when Theekshana brought the leave permission paper , Soysa  has gone by that time. It was another officer who was there . He said, ‘now that is of no use, the case  has been turned over to the  courts.’

 One officer who was in civil attire while saying ‘this can be used as court production’ took the helmet that was with Theekshana.

I became very ill. I vomited twice in the night. Those who were in the cell told a reserve policeman that I was very sick , yet I was not taken to the hospital.. 

On the 2 nd of August , I was taken out from the cell, and my statement and details were  recorded , and my signature was obtained without being allowed to  read what was recorded.  Thereafter I was  handcuffed and taken to Panadura base hospital . While at hospital I was produced before a judicial medical officer. I showed the bruises and told him I was assaulted by the police. No directive was given to treat me medically. The form given by the police was perfected , and a part of  it was given to the police officer. 

Later, I was taken to   the Panadura magistrate court where I was kept until 3.00 p.m. before being produced before the magistrate when   a lawyer appeared on my behalf. The police stated that I obstructed them in the execution of their duties; and I tried to distribute betel and cigarettes to the police cell inmates, and made a request to remand me for 14 days. I was released on bail on condition that I provided two personal sureties of Rs. 1 million each, and the next date of hearing is fixed for 8 th August.

Myself and my brother Theekshana were brought to Panadura base hospital where we were warded. The following day ,( 3 rd August ) Theekshana was discharged from hospital. Measures were taken to transfer me  to the military hospital , and today (5 th) I was produced before the Judicial medical officer.

My plea is …
Please take action against the police officers of the Wadduwa police including :

Soysa  49556
1803 (name unknown) 
Munasinghe ( 39144)
Perera Sub Inspector

who brutally and ruthlessly assaulted my brother Theekshana and I ,  when I went to see my father at the police station ,  followed by my brother, and for falsely charging me on a frame up thereby violating my fundamental rights .  

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