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Here are the illicit arms deals and foreign dealers of Udaya Weeratunge cousin of ex president 



Udayanga Weeratunge , a cousin brother of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse, who  was sent as Ambassador to Russia during the tenure of office of Mahinda , and went missing after the exposure that he was supplying arms to Ukraine rebels, had visited Sri Lanka (SL) with three foreign arms dealers during the Mahinda Rajapakse regime, it has come to light.

On that visit the three foreign arms dealers had brought in a large quantity of weapons when they arrived in their private jet in 6 boxes. On the direct instructions of Gotabaya Rajapakse the defense secretary then , these arms were released to a group who were supplied arms by Gotabaya, without any records being made at the defense ministry or the Katunayake airport. 

Udayanga has arrived in the same jet of  the weapon dealers. In the photographs herein is Udaya with the arms suppliers when they were in Sri Lanka to hold  arms deal discussions. When  Noel Ranaweera who was engaged in arms deals with Udayanga died , the relatives of Ranaweera suspected foul play over the death , and based on their suspicions that Udayanga was involved  , the court has  issued an order at their request  to exhume Ranaweera’s body for a forensic  examination. 

Meanwhile , the Indian media recently reported that its intelligence division is conducting investigations into the supply of arms to Naxalite terrorist groups  via SL , after the defeat of the LTTE organization.

Might we recall that we reported earlier on that the illicit arms deals and heroin business which were carried on by the LTTE within their zone had been taken over by Gotabaya in collaboration with KP , an ex LTTE Leader.

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