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SLFP slaves resist 19 th amendment ;however after long discussions agreement reached


 Just some  moments ago, the government and the troublesome recalcitrant reactionary SLFP slaves have finally  arrived at an agreement to support the passage of the 19 th amendment , it is reported.

According to this agreement , the  number of MPs representing the constitutional council is to be increased , and the independent individuals will be decreased, which means that the independent commissions appointed by constitutional council is being again politicized is inevitable.

The other  proposal brought forward by the ‘slaves’ regarding the  controversial appointments of ministers by the president was withdrawn .

After the parliament debate was recessed   this noon , a party leaders meeting that lasted nearly two hours  was held chaired by the president . Subsequently , various groups met the president and the prime minister  . The president and the P.M. too met twice. Finally , the aforementioned consensus was reached.  

With this support , the 19th amendment can be passed.  It is very unfortunate these ‘slaves’ could not understand that the president and P.M. of separate parties joining together was due to fortuitous circumstances  , and that in the future this joint effort is unlikely.

The  LeN revealed yesterday night , the SLFP  ‘slaves’ advanced two changes to the 19 th amendment :

One was , the president must be allowed to appoint the ministers without consulting the P.M.  and the other was…

MPs must be appointed to the constitutional council instead of independent persons , which meant these slaves were  shamelessly  obstructing   until the end , the passage of the salutary 19 th amendment which was tabled in parliament  and aims at fulfilling   the aspirations and hopes of the people .  It is to be noted that the SLFP  is in the majority in parliament, and its leader is President Maithripala .

The shamelessness and disgraceful  nature of the SLFP slaves becomes very clear if their conduct when the draconian  18 th amendment was tabled then and their present  conduct pertaining to the  salutary 19th amendment are compared. These SLFP slaves who unhesitatingly raised their hands without  any question  to support the draconian 18 th amendment to enhance  the evil executive presidency powers , are now  behaving like brutes and beasts most traitorously to obstruct the 19 th amendment which is aiming  at benefiting the country and the people . One SLFP slave, a classic  case in point is Sachin Vaas Gunawardena the, a procurer for Mahinda who knows nothing about laws.Even this morning he  brought a proposal to change the 19th amendment .In any event the president said , after the 19 th amendment is passed , he will dissolve parliament .The leaders of the two main parties have also agreed ,next,  the parliament shall function as a constitutional council  to get a new constitution passed .Accordingly , they have agreed to continue as a national government for two years

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