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UPFA has granted nomination to Mahinda 

06/ July/2015



The communique supposedly under the letterhead of the UPFA and purporting to bear the signature of Susil Premajayantha which claims that  president Maithripala Sirisena has decided to grant nomination under the UPFA to  deposed Mahinda Rajapakse is a suspicious document and its contents have been rejected by the president.. 

The president has rejected this when he spoke via phone with the leader of the movement for just society Ven. Madhuluwawe Sobitha Thera this evening . When Ven. Thera had asked for an appointment from president to meet him , the president had revealed this.

By that time when this suspicious communique had done the rounds and media publicity had been given to it , the Ven. Thera had told the president ‘now, meeting you  serves no purpose for you have done what ought not be done’, and cancelled the appointment. At that point the president answering Ven  . Thera had said ,he has nothing to do with what is contained in this communique , and it is something done by Susil which he shall probe into.

Priort to this notice , the previous day (02) President Maithripala during the discussions with the UPFA leaders made it abundantly clear to them , he would not give nominations to Mahinda Rajapakse . This morning Vasudeva Nanyakkara also told the media that Mahinda  not get nominations and this was confirmed at  yesterday’s discussions.

However this morning , the UPFA secretary Susil Premajayantha , Dinesh Gunawardena and Weerawnsa have met .Following this meeting this suspicious communique was released to the media, and at the discussions organized by the pro Mahinda Rajapakse group today , Dinesh Gunawardena only stated this is a media communique.  Thereafter the media discussion was postponed. In any event Susil Premajayantha has not made any statement so far in this regard.

No matter what , if this media communique is untrue , the presidential media division had enough time to repudiate it officially , but it has not done that yet.

When Lanka e news inquired about this from the Presidential media director general and media secretary , they are not answering the call . The private phone number of the president too is also in off mode .Even the phone numbers of individuals who are close to the president are in off mode.

Tonight , a dinner has been arranged on acount of former president Chandrika Bandranaike’s birthday  to which president Maithripala is expected to attend. The president is expected to give a clear and definite answer on that occasion. 

The suspicious document released to the media is what was spoken about at themedia discussion participated by worthless and aimless slaves like Dinesh Gunawardena  , which is pubished herein.  In that it is very clear there are several deletions and interpolations . During the last presidential elections  too a forged document was released to the media purportedly signed by Maithri and Ranil. Later the government analyst confirmed that the document is fake. Tissa Attanayake had to go to remand owing to this. 

Hence , as the Rajapakses and those around him are most infamously famous for these types of forgeries and fake documentation  , issuing bogus media notifications is no big deal to them ; even Weerawansa’s wife was remanded for possessing forged  passport allegedly with Weerawansa’s concurrence.

English Translation of said communique as follows

Media communique 

At the UPFA leaders meeting held on 2015-07-02 chaired by the UPFA leader and SLFP chairman ,his excellency the president Maithripala Sirisena, it  was decided that at the forthcoming elections ex president Mahinda Rajapakse shall  be given nominations to contest under the UPFA .Accordingly in the next few days the UPFA nominations are to be prepared .

After the nominations are over , the UPFA elections committee will commence its activities at the UPFA political offices.

It is our hope with the blessings of the SLFP and UPFA , all progressive parties shall contest the elections  as a broad people’s force with a view to emerge victorious at the elections 

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