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LeN previous report : ‘Desperate discarded Rajapakses plot and plan to re capture power via LTTE..,’ confirmed by Aluthgama 'bomb' !!



 It is only a few days ago  Lanka e news  posted a report under the caption ‘ Desperate discarded Rajapakses plot and plan to re capture power via LTTE.’ This report was fully  confirmed 20th july , when a bomb that can go off  via remote control exploded  near the Aluthgama bus stand close to a lamp post . Though no one was hurt , a large  explosion was heard  when  a cracker like contraption with a circuit   contained in a box went  off.

Just as Lanka e news predicted in its previous report three days  ago  , and based on the police statement, the mendacious website of Wimal Weerawansa gave a huge publicity to this falsely  claiming that ‘a remote controlled bomb exploded along  the route taken by Mahinda Rajapakse.’

Based on the Lanka e news earlier report captioned ‘ Desperate discarded Rajapakses plot and plan to re capture power via LTTE,’ this  incident confirming this report constitutes a plan of the deposed, discarded, drowning Rajapakse who  like a drowning man is clutching at even a straw in utterdesperation. 

With humiliating defeat at the forthcoming elections ominously staring in the face of Mahinda Rajapakse , it is the diabolic traitorous plan of his and his corrupt cronies who are equally or more frustrated to explode a similar smoke bomb in the midst of a meeting of Mahinda , and make a din that this was done by the LTTE . And , after a new government is formed,  for his corrupt and criminal following of politicians and supporters in order to win the sympathy of the masses  to allege ‘the LTTE had raised its head again , and is going to murder Mahinda Rajapakse,’ thereby seeking to make Mahinda a hero out of zero which position he is now in.

With this end in view , former DIG Chandra Wakishta who was the Director of TID and CID during the Rajapakse era has been enlisted. Already Wakishta is now in Kurunegala to engage in all the sly and illicit activities in connection with Mahinda’s election campaign.

It is well to recall when Wakishta was the Director TID and CID , the weapons that were seized from the captured LTTE suspects , proper records were not maintained by him regarding all the weapons that were collected from the LTTE suspects.Some only were officially recorded while the others were  hidden .Among those arms that were hidden were Claymore bombs , Detonators, hand grenades , pistols, Sniper weapons, and various kinds of bullets of the LTTE. When murders were committed for the Rajapakse regime to suit their fancies, these hidden weapons were used . That is, these weapons were strewn beside the bodies after committing murder to create the impression that these crimes were committed by the LTTE.

Until now , nobody knows where those weapons that were collected from the LTTE  are , except Wakishta who is fully aware.
In the circumstances , worse criminal and brutal scenes than what were witnessed at Aluthgama today can be expected in the future , as the Rajapakses whose fate is already written on the wall are certainly going to indulge in the worst bloody and ruthless criminal activities in a do or die battle to win elections. Going by their past brutal bloody ruthless maniacal greed for power they can even devastate a whole country and decimate a  whole population , if only the Rajapakses can fulfill  their single selfish  hope that they , their families along with their corrupt crooked cronies alone  can thrive and  survive – one of the ways to cover up all their past crimes and the countless more  including those fincial crimes to be exposed by the FCID.
In the previous report of the 19 th of  Lanka e news , it was revealed as follows: 

“Meanwhile  those opposing the special security detail  provided to Mahinda Rajapakse have gone to courts to make a request that he should like the other candidates  contest elections sans the special security . The Rajapakses on the other hand have hatched a conspiracy to counter this and exploit it to their advantage.That is ,use the ex LTTE members who are now with them to launch a fake attack on Mahinda , and paint a picture that this was a traitorous attack of the LTTE at the behest of the opposition , with a view to winning over the racism oriented votes. 

Wimal Weerawansa the grade nine qualified moron who is most infamously famous for his  unguarded forked tongue , at the recent Anuradhapura rally inadvertently blabbered about this plan and plot. This blabbermouth said, may be those who are clamoring to withdraw the special security of Mahinda are conspiring to send a bullet through Mahinda. This statement of Weerawansa is being construed by political analysts as a signal of the hidden plots of the Rajapakses in store. “


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