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Procrastination plagues 19 th amendment : SLFP cutthroats obstruct it-parliament adjourned until 27 th



The historic 19 th amendment  which transfers some of the executive powers of the president to the parliament and the independence commissions that was to be tabled in parliament  21 st April did not materialize ,and the parliament too was adjourned until the 27 th. 

Though  at the party leaders meeting all agreed to table the 19 th amendment 21st and that shall be passed 22nd , and the president was present in parliament from morning at 9.00  in connection with his inaugural address , a group of M.P.s alias cardboard patriotic rats resisting the summoning of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse to the bribery and corruption commission to record a statement made that a flimsy  excuse to stage a sit in protest within the parliament .Despite the fact that after the parliament is adjourned no MP can stay within , the speaker instead of evicting them , became a strip teaser himself , reducing  the sublime parliament to   a night club by dancing with  the devilish  unlawful protestors providing all the support to them  whose premeditated plan was to sabotage the proposed  19 th amendment .

This group of MPs the so called patriots (self fattening opportunists) had summoned their supporters to block the parliament entrance  this morning and to stage demonstrations. Though a  police group had taken a court order  against this , and tried to explain to them , these goons  on the other hand  defied the orders and continued their protests. 

The parliament  resumed sittings today , but owing to the protest it had to be suspended for half an hour. Again as the sittings couldn’t be continued  after its re commencement , it was  adjourned  until the 27 th.  Incidentally , based on the election undertaking given to the people the 100 days program of the government ends  on  23 rd April.

Every time when the proposed 19 th amendment was attempted to be tabled in parliament  within this period , the SLFP had crossed the path and blocked it. On this occasion too taking advantage of an irrelevant issue and blowing it out of proportion , that is , the summoning of ex president to the Bribery and corruption commission even  when he is now an ordinary citizen , and not even an M.P., 113  SLFP M.P.s including those cutthroats who received ministerial portfolios under this government  most  shamelessly and villainously by submitting a letter after getting 113 signatures obstructed the 19 th amendment. In the end they claimed that 116 signatures were obtained  .In other words  , this was a signal that the 19 th amendment will not be permitted to be passed with a  two third majority.

It is  an open secret that after the announcement of last Presidential elections by Mahinda Rajapakse ,UNP secretary Tissa Attanayake was bought over for Rs.200 million plus a super luxury vehicle  and ministerial portfolio .It is also no secret  that the Rajapakse regime got ready to offer Rs.100 million as bribe to preclude Naveen Dissanayake  (now a minister under the present government )  from crossing over to  the camp of Maithripala Sirisena who was the common  opposition  candidate at that time . Naveen Dissanayake himself made this exposure . The  evil and    venal nature of the Rajapakses themselves and their most unscrupulous  propensity to buy over others with bribes is widely known not only locally but even internationally so much so that , only an alien from another planet who had just arrived in SL can claim ignorance of that fact.

It is no wonder Mahinda Rajapakse and his crooked cronies (Alibaba and den of countless thieves ) became overly alarmed and panic stricken , and behaved like serpents soaked in kerosene when Mahinda was summoned to the Bribery and corruption commission to obtain a  statement in connection with Tissa Attanayake . This is simply because all the colossal bribes given and taken during the period of last Presidential election will get exposed.  The protest ‘ thieves for thieves’ was launched by these Alibaba’s thieves on that account.

As Lanka e news revealed , the speaker  despite holding a most responsible  and sacrosanct parliamentary position descended to the lowliest of levels and acted most sordidly assisting  the protesting MPs who took part in  a  liquor drinking orgy in the vehicle park, and then slept in the parliament gallery at various places  that  night ,  because it is the same contaminated blood that is coursing through his veins too, some parliamentary employees disclosed to Lanka e news.

Lakshman Kiriella , the leader of the house convening a media briefing today lamented that this drama was enacted solely to obstruct the 19 th amendment . In any event  this amendment cannot be stymied by such trifling episodes , he added .

An individual is summoned to the bribery and corruption commission when there are charges against him or  to record his evidence in connection with an individual who is charged . Hence if any individual is not guilty there is nothing to get worried or panic , he further pinpointed.

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