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Secret plan of Rajapakses


The Medamulana Rajapakse and their den of thieves have devised  a new methodology to get down their black monies that are abroad, based on information reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

The Rajapakses who have by now acquired a monumental notoriety as rogues who plundered the country’s funds and pillaged the State resources , are facing a financial crisis presently because of the obstacles  militating against their favorite money laundering activities following so many of their criminal frauds and financial rackets getting exposed and proved , as of late.

To tide over the crisis and to hide their rackets , they have planned to start a campaign to collect bogus aid after  going abroad , and send to Sri Lanka their black monies kept hidden there as donations received .

With these fraudulent goals in view ,  Gotabaya Rajapakse , Rohitha Abeygunawardena alias Ratharan  and Wimal Weerawansa the notorious ‘three racketeers’ who have been successful in their crooked acts more than even the ‘three musketeers’ who on the other hand performed  brave acts  in the Alex Dumas’  fictional story  of the past, are  due to leave the country on the 18 th on a tour of  Japan . They have planned to collect donations from the Sri Lankans in the cities , Thuchiki and Sukuba , Japan. ‘Japan Saman’ the lackey and lickspittle of Weerawansa has made all the arrangements for the touring ‘three racketeers,’ it is learnt.

A Sri Lankan living in Japan speaking to Lanka e news lamented , these Sri Lankan donors in Japan must be suffering from incurable  scabies to donate monies to these most notorious crooks like Wimal Weerawansa who transferred a land worth Rs. 300 to 400 million on a deed of gift on the sly to his wife , and the other two rogues Gotabaya and Ratharan who outrageously robbed public funds . 


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