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Rogues of a feather flock together : when Rajapakses are summoned to Bribery commission , some MPs of the same ilk protest in parliament


 A group of corrupt  villains masquerading  as representatives of the people and who are called  as parliamentarians  staged a protest in parliament today against the summoning to the Bribery commission  of  another team of villainous sharks  of the previous bestial regime that routed the country on a scale unprecedented in SL ‘s history : they are Ex president Mahinda Rajapakse and ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse who were  summoned to  appear before the commission on  24 th and 25 th of April 2015 respectively.

Charges are  leveled against Mahinda that the appointment of Tissa Attanayake during the presidential election run up , after the latter crossed over to the government is a bribe,  while Gotabaya is facing charges of giving permission in violation of the laws to run a private armory in  Galle and in the vicinity of Bandaranaike memorial international conference hall (BMICH). Gotabaya is to be interrogated in regard to the misuse of public funds amounting to a staggering Rs. 6.5 billion ! There is also a court order to arrest Basil Rajapakse at the Katunayake airport  and interrogate him  when he returns to  the country on the 21 st.,
Meanwhile , a pro Rajapakse group of MPs staged a  sit in protest today in the parliamentary gallery when the parliament  was convened, against the actions that are being duly taken following legal processes . Wimal Weerawansa , Vasudeva , Dullas Alahepruma, Bnadula Gunawardena , Mahundananda Aluthgamage , T.B. Ekanayake , S.M. Chandrasena , Rohitha Abeygunawardena ( Rattharan)and  Kumar Welgama  staged this ‘sit in  protest ‘. Uditha Lokubandara photographed the protestors , while Namal Rajapakse was also present to extend support.

When the parliamentary sittings commenced , Dimu Jayaratne the ex prime minister , spoke against the summoning of the Rajapakses before the Bribery commission. Vasudeva then screamed at Ranil that this is a vindictive action. Ranil replying said , ‘ I have nothing to do with the actions of the bribery commission and I do  not interfere. Probably Mahinda Rajapkse has been summoned to record evidence. If Mahinda has any issues , he can through his lawyers  go to courts.’  ‘ I have no children and I have not got down illegal  drugs,’ Ranil added.

Meanwhile  , a minister of the government speaking to Lanka e news said , it would have been more appropriate if the parliamentarians who staged a sit –in  protest within parliament had used the slogan ‘thieves for thieves ‘  proving the truth in  the proverb ‘  birds of a feather  flock together’

Perhaps ‘thieves of a father and  of many mothers also  flock together’ would be a justifiable modification  of that proverb

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