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Rajapakse Crimes with Access Group


Why did Sumal Perera give 100 Million US dollars famously to Mahinda Rajapakse just before the Poll.?

Chinese company under Access Engineering agrees to do Northern Highway for 5000 crores????

Access Group under its chairman master crook Sumal Perera has sky rocketed with success and wealth under the last two successive Govts.

Sumal Perera started his business before 1994 with a cashew nut packing factory in 21 years he is the richest man in Sri Lanka with Billions of money hidden all over the world.

He was the man who made billions via Arms procurement during and after the Premadasa Gvt by selling them to LTTE.from that money he built the Access Towers at Union Place for 120M cash money with Zero burrowing.

He was under the spot light for importing bullet proof life vests for soldiers which actually wasn't bullet proof. Access were well known suppliers including Czech made Bell helicopters a one which late minister Ashrof  got killed by after collapsing.

He continues even today buying Bell Helicopters,Tanks, and various other weapons for the Govt  even today.

His Access Engineering is a listed company in SL stock market withmaking  Huge profits.

He was the same man who was involved in WatersEdge scam with then President chandrika Kumaratunga.

They Used a Havala Account with large sums of Black money in Trliions of money.

Access Engineering has exploded with success due to bogus constructions including flyovers which are made to collapse with the UK convicted company Maybey and Johnson.

Sumal is a master minded bribe maker who has given millions to Ministers including Basil Rajapakse and Mervin Silva.

He even built an state of the art office for Basil Rajapakse in Gampaha.

they import these so called Bailey bridges via Mabey and Johnson which are only suitable for temparory access roads and are mainly used in war zones to gain quick access and use them in Flyovers in Sri Lanka as a permanent feature.Dehiwala flyover is already out of use for heavy vehicles for its very nature.

Access Engineering COO Dalpadoruge Anton Rohana Fernando on Mobile Number 0094 7777307754  always asks his engineers to cut the corners.he is someone from a very poor family who then became a billionaire over night.sadly with free university education and an Eng degree from Uni of Peradeniya.They use the term Sales Promotions for Bribes. 

They always import the cheapest and unsuitable products for their projects.
here are only a few things and useful links have also been attached.

Well Established China Geo Engineering,China Harbour Engineering,Asia Pacific Golf course Limited,Cyrus Internationl are a very few companies which run under the same Access Umbrella.

Access Medical under Sumals son Shamal who is a very good friend of Namal and bros is the biggest supplier of Medical Equipments to SL hospitals pioneers in importing expired Medicine and sell them for full price to Osu Sala.

Can write few more pages with his Criminal empire but hope this is enough for now.

Mahinda Rajapakse also ordered to make Mabey and Johnson carry out their projects even after UK sentenced its Director for Bribery.

Usefull Links as follows Research Report-Access Engineering Ltd.pdf


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