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Two Commanders of Forces Violate Laws




Shocking revelations were made in two courts that the army commander and Navy Commander serving under the president are seeking to rescue the criminals involved in the murder of journalist Prageeth Ekneliyagoda, as well as in the case in which multiple murder of innocent students were committed to abducting and collecting extortion payments.


The CID informed court on the 23 rd, in the case in which students who had qualified to enter Universities were murdered (after abduction and extortion), despite the court giving orders  to render assistance  to the CID, the present Navy Commander is acting in a manner that is impeding investigations , and against the court directive. These rudely shocking revelations were made before additional magistrate Jeyaram Trotsky.
Similarly , when the case under B report  B 7417 against the abduction and disappearance of journalist Ekneliyagoda was taken up for hearing on the 22nds in  the Homagama magistrate court ,ASP Shani Abeysekera a most reputed officer of  the CID making submissions before the magistrate Udaya Ranatunga said , though a detailed report was requested   by court to be furnished from   the Army commander in respect  of the two SIM cards linked to this crime, the report furnished contains  shortfalls . Hence he requested the court to issue a fresh directive to the army commander to issue a proper accurate report. ( Mind you,  this incomplete report too was furnished by the army commander only after four  directives were issued to him by court) . It is worthy of note the suspects who are members of the intelligence division of the forces who were arrested and remanded earlier are now out on bail. 


Shani Abeysekera who is most famous for his unerring, in- depth and daring investigations further said, although a report was received regarding those who supplied meals to the suspects when they were in remand custody, that report had been signed by another officer and not the Prisons authority. Therefore he requested a court to issue another order to the Prisons authority.The magistrate accordingly issued directives again to the Prisons authority and the commander of the forces. 
It is well to recall Lanka e news recently reported that meals, clothes and beverages were being supplied unlawfully by the Navy to the Navy criminals currently in remand custody over the multiple murder of students who were abducted and killed after collecting extortion payments. 


The additional magistrate re-remanded these suspects until the 6th of April.

The pro good governance masses are justifiably questioning whether Maithripala Sirisena the commander in chief of the forces who came to power after grandiose and umpteen promises that he would apprehend and punish every culprit of the Rajapakses is presently  asleep at the wheel when the commanders of the forces are violating the laws flagrantly, and even illegally protecting and pampering the criminals ?


Most shockingly and unbelievably the criminals who were responsible for the abduction and disappearance of Prageeth after being granted bail were even reinstated in their posts unlawfully. A public servant who is facing charges and against whom a case is being heard in court, cannot be reinstated under any circumstances under the law. It is only after he/she has been exonerated of all the charges, he/she can be reinstated. Until that time the suspect has to be under interdiction.
Therefore the army commander and the commander in chief of the forces of the country have most shamelessly and abhorrently violated the established laws, and the rule of law of the country. Isn’t this paving the way for the ordinary citizens to take the law into their hands?

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