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Body of murdered Thajudeen :Yoshitha involved 



The body of rugby player Mohomed Wasim Thajudeen is to be exhumed before a special team of judicial medical officers . Thajudeen was allegedly tortured and murdered brutally at the behest of Yoshitha Rajapakse , noted for sex lust  and sex starvation. Indeed it is by now widely known that Yoshitha’s  insatiable inordinate erotic lust  for others’ women that led to Wasim’s murder . The officers assigned of the security division to carry out this exhumation on 10th August

The rugby player was most brutally murdered by stabbing his neck with a sharp instrument after being ruthlessly tortured.His spine had been attacked and broken, teeth removed, knee caps and bones broken ,and calf muscles  pierced with glass pieces before he was killed, according to reports .

Kirilapone police found the dead body of the victim on 2012-05-16 inside a vehicle at Park  road , Narahenpita . It was ex senior DIG Anura Senanayake who was in charge of Colombo at that time who had taken special pains to paint the picture that it was a road accident and not a murder , and exerted pressures to distort the investigations by giving direct misleading instructions.It is learnt that the pages in the registers which recorded the crime too were torn off .

The current CID investigations are being conducted based on alternative  evidence and not on the distorted police investigation. Anura Senanayake who distorted the true picture and the investigations must also  therefore be interrogated mandatorily.

In any event based on the distorted investigations conducted at  that time by the police , the death was confirmed as due to a vehicle accident , and the victim was buried at Dehiwala Jumma masjid mosque burial grounds.

Police security cordon has been deployed  around the burial ground , and under the supervision of senior State counsel Hiran Ratnayake , the body of the rugby player is to be exhumed. Following a request made by the CID to court  seeking permission to exhume the body  , the court granted the request. 

Before a team  of medical officers including Colombo chief judicial medical officer (JMO) Ajith Tennekoon , medical specialist M.D.N. Hewage the additional JMO and Jeewa Perera Colombo University lecturer on  forensic  medicine , this exhumation is to be carried out , and a post mortem examination is to be held.

While this exhumation and investigations are being conducted most lawfully , and scrupulously , Susil Premachandra a shameless stooge of Rajapakse regime and an uncouth uncivilized lawyer , a perfect example of a black coated shark  of a lawyer openly stated this action is illegal thereby  betraying his gross ignorance of legal knowledge, and at the same time  making a shameless display of his base ,crude and  primitive traits.  Of course , no better behavior or utterance can be expected of a political hypocrite and culprit like Susil Premachandra who has all along proved himself as a misfit wherever he tries to fit into – political ,social or professional sphere.


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