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SRI LANKA NOT SAFE COUNTRY (politics game innocents peopals loosing lifes) 


The indiscriminate shooting at supporters of Ravi Karunanayake at his recent meeting is a preliminary part of the conspiracy of Mahinda Rajapakse  to earn the sympathy of the people by exploding a bomb through his own supporters subsequently  at Mahinda Rajapakse’s meeting , a chief of the State intelligence service revealed to the inside information division of Lanka e news.

After this explosion the aim is to fasten the blame on Ravi Karunanayake by claiming that the bomb attack was Ravi’s retaliatory attack to  avenge the shooting at his meeting, the security chief warned. 

The secret discussion in this connection was held at Gotabaya Rajapakse’s residence on the 29 th , with the participation of Dallas Alahaperuma and Wimal Weerawansa. At that discussion it was also planned  that between August 5th and 10 th , sabotage activities shall be commenced across the country by inciting  strikes in the postal, hospital and transport sectors . This treacherous responsibility had been undertaken by Dallas.

It was also decided that as a second step to create racial tension and conflicts across the country , and towards this the Ravan balaya is to be enlisted.It has also been planned to disribute handbills using Ravana Balaya on 12 th night and paste anonymous posters.
These posters are to instill fear among the people by alleging  Ranil is going to divide the country. Printing of posters has been entrusted to an ex  media coordinator of Dallas. At the same time the plan is to stoke racial hatred against the Sinhalese in Jaffna, Chavakachcheri and Kilinochchi , and simultaneously in the south provoke the sinhalese by kindling   their racial feelings  by falsely citing the  racial animosity  in the north.All  these .were planned and plotted at the discussion.

The intelligence division chief revealed this information to Lanka e news on  the hope  that by the media exposing these conspiracies ahead , the damage aimed at by these diabolic ruthless plans and the dangers packed in these plots  may be averted .

Meanwhile inside information divison  of Lanka e news Kurunegala correspondent disclosed that a number of suspicious jeeps of Johnston Fernando and a group of Jayaratne Herath are seen at various places in Kurunegala. It is apparent their designs are most deadly and vicious , being hell bent  to create untoward incidents. The police are not taking action to arrest those drunk groups inside those vehicles who look threatening while  all the time consuming arrack. 

Our inside information division reports have issued warnings that ,  this is  the group that may have  fired at the house of Lakshman Wendaruwage , and that a killing in Kurunegala is close at hand .

It is learnt that Mahinda has taken a house through Asliya printers , and its rent has been paid. Arrack  is being distributed here reports say..

As reported earlier by Lanka e news, Mahinda has taken a building  at Wilgoda road belonging to Herath who earlier on gave it on  rent to the Inland revenue department . This Wilgoda road house is being used as MR’s main election office  and this has been taken on lease for two months after paying two months rent at  Rs. 250,000.00 per month.

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