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Muslim political prisoners transferred to cells with Sinhala criminal prisoners in Anuradhapura prison


A 65-year-old Muslim political prisoner from Mannaar and a 45-year-old political prisoner from Poddawakattu in Trincomalee, both of whom survived a fatal assault by Sinhala prison guards, STF commandos, and military intelligence personnel five years ago, complained on Friday that they have been transferred to cells with Sinhala criminal prisoners in Anuradhapura prison. The Tamil prisoners have been complaining for a long time of threats of ethnic violence against them from Sinhala prisoners. Apart from being subjected to violence, some Tamil political prisoners have also been exposed to narcotics from the criminal prisoners. 

Day by day Sri Lankan minorities facing problems with forces all are dictators, absolute power and wields it in an oppressive or abusive manner it hard to survivor in Sri Lanka.


The prisoner described the prisoners as growing accustomed to the sound of screaming. “It made us really scared the first day but then we got used to it because we heard screaming all the time.”

Raped, branded or beaten repeatedly, more than 50 men from the Muslim and Tamil ethnic minority seeking political asylum in Europe say they were abducted and tortured under Sri Lanka’s current government. The previously unpublished accounts conjure images of the country’s bloody civil war that ended in 2009 — not the palm-fringed paradise portrayed by the government.


Bullshit Sri Lankan Forces and Buddhists Government

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