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Robbery..! Mohan Peries ex CJ and Gota jointly spirit away SC multi million electric bulb circuit system



 During the period when Late J R Jayawardena was the president of the country , the Chinese government gifted the buildings of the supreme court (SC) complex and the ministry of justice that were constructed, to the government of Sri Lanka . However the bulbs circuit system worth many millions that was  installed in the buildings has gone missing by now, according to reports.

This system that was in the hall of the fifth floor of the SC complex where functions are held , had been robbed during the period of Mohan Peiris when he was the chief justice (CJ), it has come to light.

Recently when a meeting was held chaired by the chief justice K. Sripavan of the apex SC management council , this robbery was discovered, it is learnt.

The president of the SC management council is CJ Sripavan , while others in the council are : president of the appeal court , a superior officer of the presidential office , an officer of the finance ministry and  an officer of the Urban development authority.

When it was inquired as to how this robbery took place , it had been revealed because ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse  wanted it , the electric bulb system was removed, and thereafter nobody knew what happened to it.

The SC management council had instructed the SC complex marshal to conduct a comprehensive investigation into this disappearance of the system and forward a report thereof.

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